Boom Town – Makin’ EP’s


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1 Hey Boomtown! 04:47
Featuring – Boomtown Girls
2 To All The Ladies 04:58
Featuring – Andre White
3 The Buzz 05:41
4 Dream Mode (Snippet) 01:30
5 Block Party 04:34
Featuring – Scorp
6 Boomtown Shakers 04:47
Featuring – Buttas, Scorp
7 Incense And Red Lights 03:00
Featuring – Lawrence Lambert


“Makin’ EP’s” is the only studio release by Boom Town, a hip-hop group hailing from Bakersfield, California. Released in 1997 by Sube Records, this mini-album showcases the group’s unique sound and style, reflecting the diverse influences within the West Coast hip-hop scene.

The 7-track EP features a variety of songs, each with its distinct flavor, ranging from the energetic “Hey Boomtown!” to the sultry “Incense And Red Lights.” The talented producers on this release, such as Baby Fro, G-Money, and KevSube, create a cohesive sound that ties together the different tracks, ensuring a captivating listening experience.

Collaborations with various artists like Andre White, Scorp, Buttas, and Lawrence Lambert add depth and diversity to the EP, highlighting the group’s ability to work seamlessly with other musicians. Notably, the track “Dream Mode (Snippet)” incorporates a sample of “The Stranger” by the legendary Billy Joel, showcasing the group’s appreciation for music beyond the hip-hop genre.

“Makin’ EP’s” is a testament to Boom Town’s talent and potential, as the group displays a unique sound and a flair for creative collaboration. Although it is their only studio release, the EP leaves a lasting impression and serves as a testament to the richness of the West Coast hip-hop scene during the late ’90s.



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