Body Count – Born Dead


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1 Body M/F Count 02:15
2 Masters Of Revenge 05:20
3 Killin’ Floor 02:22
4 Necessary Evil 04:00
5 Drive By 01:27
6 Last Breath 05:19
7 Hey Joe 04:28
8 Shallow Graves 04:13
9 Surviving The Game 05:41
10 Who Are You 03:48
11 Street Lobotomy 02:25
12 Born Dead 06:00


“Born Dead” is the second studio album by Ice-T’s rock group Body Count, hailing from Los Angeles, California. The album was released on September 10, 1994, by Virgin in association with Rhyme $yndicate Records. Featuring a blend of heavy metal, hard rock, and hardcore styles, “Born Dead” showcases the band’s aggressive sound and powerful lyrics.

The 12-track album kicks off with “Body M/F Count,” co-written by Ernie-C and Ice-T, setting the tone for the rest of the project. “Masters of Revenge,” featuring assistant production by Pimpin’ Rex, and “Killin’ Floor” delve into the band’s penchant for hard-hitting tracks. “Necessary Evil,” penned by Mooseman, and “Drive By,” produced with assistance from Troy Staton, continue the album’s theme of intensity.

“Last Breath,” featuring samples from the “Psycho” score, demonstrates the band’s versatility and ability to incorporate unexpected elements into their sound. A cover of the classic rock song “Hey Joe,” mixed by Eddie Kramer, pays tribute to the track’s enduring influence. “Shallow Graves” and “Surviving The Game” maintain the album’s heavy sound, while “Who Are You” adds a layer of introspection.

“Street Lobotomy” and the titular track “Born Dead” close out the album, leaving listeners with a powerful, lasting impression of Body Count’s unique style and unapologetic approach to music. “Born Dead” is a testament to the band’s ability to push boundaries and create a distinctive sound that resonates with fans of rock, metal, and hardcore genres alike.



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