Block Monstaz – DJ Daryl’s Block Monstaz


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1 Intro 02:21
2 Callin All Riders 03:47
3 Keep It Real 03:43
4 Bitch 05:45
5 Time For War 03:30
6 Check It Out 03:52
7 Ballin’ 03:51
8 Block Thang 03:45
9 Ships 03:51
10 Spirit Of A Thug 04:21
11 Hangin Out The Window 03:21
12 Gangsta Twist 03:35
13 Money And Mayhem 03:49
14 Hate The Hate Made 04:52
15 Sneak Peek 04:17
16 Going Down 03:56
17 Dead Collar 04:26
18 We Out C’hear 03:48
19 In Luv With A Thug 03:08


“DJ Daryl’s Block Monstaz” is a studio album by the rap group Block Monstaz from Oakland, California. Released on July 27, 1999, by Bomb Shelter Music, this album showcases the group’s distinctive gangsta hip-hop style, bolstered by the masterful production of DJ Daryl. The album consists of 21 tracks that delve into the world of street life, loyalty, and the pursuit of success amidst adversity.

The album kicks off with an “Intro” that sets the tone for the heavy-hitting tracks to follow. Songs like “Callin All Riders” and “Keep It Real” exemplify the group’s raw energy and commitment to representing their Oakland roots. The album offers a diverse array of tracks that explore various aspects of the gangsta lifestyle, such as the gritty “Time For War” and the laid-back “Hangin Out The Window.”

“Block Thang” and “Gangsta Twist” showcase the group’s storytelling abilities, providing vivid narratives of life on the streets. Meanwhile, tracks like “Money And Mayhem” and “Hate The Hate Made” reflect on the challenges and motivations that drive the Block Monstaz. The album concludes with “In Luv With A Thug,” offering a more vulnerable perspective on relationships within the gangsta lifestyle.

Throughout “DJ Daryl’s Block Monstaz,” DJ Daryl’s signature production style shines, providing a cohesive backdrop for the Block Monstaz’s hard-hitting lyrics and captivating storytelling. This album is an excellent addition to any fan’s collection of West Coast gangsta hip-hop and a testament to DJ Daryl’s undeniable talent as a producer.



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