Big Tob – Mob Orginization


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1 Mob Orginazation 03:46
Featuring – Scoot Dog, Law, Chunk
2 Vendetta Mode 03:44
3 Rogue Poetry 04:09
4 Music Is My Life 03:59
Featuring – DJ Stag
5 One Thing 02:58
6 No Remorse 02:45
7 All Night Long 04:12
8 Hot Box Clubbin’ 04:08
9 Highest In The Club 03:45
Featuring – Chunk
10 Savage Viking 02:39
Featuring – Chunk
11 Number One Blunt 03:56
Featuring – Chunk
12 Dirty West 04:22
Featuring – Chunk
13 The R In Rap 03:58
Featuring – Devo
14 Handle Shit 04:58
Featuring – Devo, D-Boyz, Telly Mac
15 Northern California 04:02
Featuring – Law
16 Choosing Shoes 04:05
Featuring – DJ Stag, Mr. Alies
17 Play The Game 04:19
Featuring – Hollow Tip, Mic C, Chunk, Ad Capone


“Mob Orginization” is a studio album by rapper Big Tob from East Palo Alto, California, released in 1999 under S.G.R. Records. Showcasing Big Tob’s powerful rap style and the gritty sound of late ’90s hip-hop, the album consists of 17 tracks filled with hard-hitting beats, vivid storytelling, and unique collaborations.

The title track “Mob Orginization” kicks off the album with force, featuring Chunk, Law, and Scott Dog, and produced by Sean T. The following tracks, “Vendetta Mode” and “Rogue Poetry,” both produced by Sean T, further demonstrate Big Tob’s lyrical prowess and his ability to craft memorable hooks.

“Music Is My Life,” featuring DJ Stag, is a testament to Big Tob’s passion for the art form, while “One Thing,” “No Remorse,” and “All Night Long” showcase Garry Gomes’ production skills. “Hot Box Clubbin,” produced by Sean T, adds a party vibe to the album.

“Highest In The Club” and “Savage Viking,” both featuring Chunk and produced by Sean T, display Big Tob’s versatility and talent for collaboration. “Number One Blunta” and “Dirty West,” also featuring Chunk, continue this strong partnership.

Other standout tracks include “The R In Rap,” featuring Devo and produced by Sean T, “Handle Shit” with D Boys, Devo, and Telly Mac, and “Northern California,” featuring Law. The album concludes with “Choosing Shoes,” a collaboration with Mr. Alias and DJ Stag, and “Play The Game,” featuring Ad Capone, Chunk, Hollow Tip, and Mic-C.

“Mob Orginization” is a solid late ’90s hip-hop album that highlights Big Tob’s talents as a rapper and his ability to work with other artists to create a cohesive and engaging record.



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