Big Thump – What Happened Was…


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1 Live It Up 04:49
Featuring – Costa, Klep
2 Pump Fakn’ 03:04
Featuring – Klep
3 Never Sleep 04:52
Featuring – Klep, Costa
4 Miss My Niggas 03:20
Featuring – Klep
5 BJB 04:14
Featuring – Ray Ryda, Klep
6 Life’s Too Short 03:22
Featuring – Klep
7 Motivation 04:16
Featuring – Klep, Ray Ryda, Shake F Da Kidd Kidd
8 What You Know 03:22
9 Ridin’ Around Strapped 05:52
Featuring – Pooh P, V-White, Klep, Ray Ryda, Costa
10 Wicked Ways 04:55
Featuring – Pooh P, Klep, V-White
11 Keep It On Me 05:23
Featuring – Klep, Pooh P, Fatz


“What Happened Was…” is a captivating project by Oakland-based rapper Big Thump, released on January 26, 2018, through Dream Giant Entertainment. This album showcases Big Thump’s undeniable talent, boasting 11 tracks that take listeners on a journey through the streets of Oakland, exploring themes of struggle, perseverance, and the reality of life in the city.

Throughout the album, Big Thump collaborates with an array of talented artists, including Costa, Klep, Ray Ryda, Shake F Da Kidd Kidd, Pooh P, V-White, and Fatz, who contribute their unique styles and skills to the project. These collaborations help to create a diverse and engaging soundscape that highlights Big Thump’s versatility and his ability to connect with fellow artists.

Opening with the energetic “Live It Up,” featuring Costa and Klep, the album immediately sets the tone for a raw and authentic listening experience. Other standout tracks such as “Pump Fakn’,” “Never Sleep,” and “Life’s Too Short” demonstrate Big Thump’s prowess as a storyteller and his ability to deliver hard-hitting lyrics with a smooth and captivating flow.

The introspective track “Miss My Niggas” offers a glimpse into the struggles and emotions that Big Thump has faced, while “Motivation” serves as an inspiring anthem for those striving to overcome adversity. The album concludes with “Keep It On Me,” a powerful collaboration with Klep, Pooh P, and Fatz that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

“What Happened Was…” is a testament to Big Thump’s talent as a rapper and his commitment to representing Oakland’s hip-hop scene. This project not only showcases his abilities as a lyricist but also highlights his potential to become a significant figure in the rap community.



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