Behind Iron Bars – Life Is Whatch U Make It


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1 B.I.B./W.C. (Interlude) 00:36
2 Whatch U Wanna Do 03:59
3 M.L.K. (Interlude) 00:25
4 Black & Brown 03:34
5 Nightmares Of A Fatal Man 04:07
6 Goin’ Crazy 04:39
7 One Time (Interlude) 00:30
8 Life Of A Menace 03:38
9 Makes Me Wonna Holla 03:29
10 The Funeral (Interlude) 00:38
11 R.I.P. 04:34
12 Cruise Wit Me 04:14
13 Good Times 04:36
14 I Thought You Knew 04:21
15 Not To Spread It 02:37
16 Life Is Whatch U Make It 04:23


“Life Is Whatch U Make It” is the debut studio album by rap group Behind Iron Bars (B.I.B.) from Carson, California. Released in 1996 under Prism Records, the album showcases the group’s blend of gangsta rap and G-Funk styles, with tracks touching upon life experiences and social issues.

The album kicks off with “B.I.B./W.C. (Interlude)” and features 16 tracks, including standout songs such as “Whatch ‘U’ Wanna Do,” “Black & Brown,” “Nightmares of a Fatal Man,” “Life of a Menace,” and the titular track “Life Is Whatch ‘U’ Make It.” Each song offers a glimpse into the lives of group members Double Felony, Kenne-P, and Money-T, as well as the challenges they faced growing up in Carson.

Production on the album is handled by Enuf, Kennard Morris, and Money-T, with co-production credits going to B.I.B. and Kenne-P on select tracks. The album’s artwork and design were created by C. Mark Singleton, Cleveland Palmer III, and Money-T, with additional photography by Derrick Washington and James Harris.

As a testament to the group’s talent and unique voice in the hip-hop scene, “Life Is Whatch U Make It” has become a classic example of West Coast gangsta rap and G-Funk, resonating with fans of the genre and the era. The album highlights the group’s ability to navigate complex social issues while delivering catchy beats and memorable lyrics.



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