B.U. – Untold Stories


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1 Intro 01:17
Featuring – Mr. Skitz
2 1st Round Draft Pick 03:40
Featuring – K.D., Mr. Skitz
3 From The N.O. To Cali 03:45
Featuring – C.B., Treal Reel, Syne
4 Yeah, Yeah 02:55
Featuring – Mistah F.A.B.
5 Rel Muthafuckas 03:33
Featuring – Pretty Black, Bandaid
6 My Favorite Girl 04:16
Featuring – Chopper
7 Big Boy 03:28
8 Stop Hating 03:49
Featuring – Bavgate, C.B., Fat Bastard, Zoe
9 Respect For The Hood 04:19
Featuring – Tuff, C.B., Syne, Mr. Skitz, Nick MC Guyver
10 Im A Mack 04:26
Featuring – Treal Reel, Tuff, Dru Down
11 Not From Where I’m From 03:19
12 10 Toes 03:31
Featuring – Nick, K.D.
13 Feel Free 02:57
Featuring – Syne
14 The Come Back 04:02
Featuring – Mr. Skitz, K.D.
15 Ha Ha 03:49
Featuring – C.B., K.D., Syne


“Untold Stories” is a powerful album by Oakland rapper B.U., released in 2007 under PJ Records and Big Shot Entertainment. This collection of 15 tracks showcases B.U.’s unique style, blending gangsta rap with thug rap, and offers a raw and unapologetic look into the life and experiences of the rapper.

The album kicks off with an “Intro,” setting the stage for B.U.’s lyrical journey. “1st Round Draft Pick” quickly follows, displaying the rapper’s confidence and skills as a formidable artist. “From The N.O. To Cali” chronicles B.U.’s geographical journey and the cultural impact of his experiences.

“Yeah, Yeah,” featuring Mistah F.A.B., offers an infectious beat and catchy hook that will undoubtedly have listeners nodding along. In “Real Muthafuckas,” B.U. teams up with Pretty Black, showcasing their chemistry and hard-hitting verses. “My Favorite Girl” offers a softer side, providing a glimpse into B.U.’s personal life and relationships.

“Big Boy” and “Stop Hating,” featuring Bavgate, maintain the album’s high energy, delivering powerful messages about self-confidence and overcoming adversity. “Respect For The Hood” pays homage to B.U.’s roots, while “I’m A Mack,” featuring Dru Down, highlights his swagger and style.

“Not From Where I’m From” and “10 Toes” continue to delve into B.U.’s background, providing insight into his resilience and strength in the face of challenges. “Feel Free” offers a moment of introspection, while “The Come Back” displays B.U.’s determination to succeed in the ever-changing rap game.

Closing the album with “Ha Ha,” B.U. leaves listeners with a memorable and engaging track that encapsulates the spirit of the entire project. “Untold Stories” is a testament to B.U.’s talent and versatility as an artist, offering a collection of tracks that resonate with fans of authentic and raw hip-hop.



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