Arabian Prince – Situation Hot


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1 Strange Life 07:01
2 It Ain’t Tough 06:11
3 Innovative Life 05:59
Featuring – Dr. Dre
4 Professor X (Saga) 04:27
5 Situation Hot 04:40
6 Take You Home, Girl 08:25
7 Innovator 04:57
8 Let’s Hit The Beach 05:30


“Situation Hot” is a compilation album by rapper Arabian Prince from Inglewood, California. Released in 1990 by Macola Record Co., this album highlights Arabian Prince’s innovative and influential electro hip-hop style. Featuring eight tracks, the compilation showcases his versatility as an artist and his exceptional ability to fuse various genres.

The album begins with “Strange Life” and “It Ain’t Tough,” both arranged by Mik Lezan, showcasing Arabian Prince’s unique sound and dynamic lyricism. “Innovative Life” features Dr. Dre, adding another layer of talent and complexity to the album. “Professor X (Saga)” is produced by The Professor and written by Mik Lezan, rounding off Side A with a captivating beat and compelling narrative.

Side B kicks off with the titular track “Situation Hot,” followed by the smooth and rhythmic “Take You Home, Girl.” “Innovator” and “Let’s Hit The Beach” are arranged by Rock-A-Fella, adding a distinct flavor to the album’s overall sound. Co-producers Courtney Branch and Tracy Kendricks contribute to tracks A3, B2 to B4, helping to shape the compilation’s vibrant and memorable vibe.

“Situation Hot” is a testament to Arabian Prince’s impact on the hip-hop scene and his ability to create timeless music. This compilation album is a must-listen for fans of electro hip-hop and those interested in the history of the genre.


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