Alliebaba – 3 Wishes


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1 Intro 01:04
2 Nothin’ Can Save You 03:59
3 Havin’ Thangs 05:10
4 Interlude #1 00:31
5 Box Of 3 03:46
Featuring – Raphael Saadiq
6 Livin’ Everyday 05:13
7 Movin’ On Up 05:29
8 Interlude #2 00:14
9 Hittin’ Licks 04:14
10 Interlude #3 00:11
11 Toes Curl 04:13
12 Blaze A Few 05:25
13 Interlude #4 00:12
14 Jumpin’ (Nationwide Ballen) 05:04
15 Be About Your Bank 03:45
16 Interlude #5 01:01
17 Do What I Gotta 04:08
Featuring – Askari X, No The Piper
18 3 Wishes 03:56
19 Nothin’ 2 It 05:37
Featuring – Daz Dillinger, Roniece
20 Confessions 05:52
Featuring – Askari X
21 Interlude #6 00:39
22 Memories 03:41
Featuring – Raphael Saadiq
23 Outro 00:40


“3 Wishes” is the one and only studio album by Oakland, California-based rapper Alliebaba. Released on April 24, 2001, by City Slicken’ It Entertainment, the album is a captivating blend of West Coast hip-hop and features collaborations with renowned artists such as Raphael Saadiq, Askari X, No The Piper, Daz Dillinger, and Roniece.

The album opens with a brief “Intro” before launching into “Nothin’ Can Save You,” a hard-hitting track that sets the tone for the rest of the album. “Havin’ Thangs” and “Box Of 3,” featuring Raphael Saadiq, showcase Alliebaba’s lyrical skills and his ability to create catchy hooks, making these tracks memorable and engaging.

“3 Wishes” offers a diverse range of themes, from the introspective “Livin’ Everyday” and “Movin’ On Up” to the gritty street tales of “Hittin’ Licks.” Throughout the album, Alliebaba’s storytelling prowess is evident, capturing the listener’s attention with vivid imagery and compelling narratives.

“Toes Curl” and “Blaze A Few” highlight Alliebaba’s versatility as an artist, while “Jumpin’ (Nationwide Ballen)” and “Be About Your Bank” serve as anthems for hustlers and go-getters. The album’s collaborations, such as “Do What I Gotta” featuring Askari X and No The Piper, and “Nothin’ 2 It” with Daz Dillinger and Roniece, add depth and variety to the project, further showcasing Alliebaba’s talents.

The introspective tracks “Confessions” and “Memories,” the latter featuring another collaboration with Raphael Saadiq, provide a glimpse into Alliebaba’s personal experiences and emotions. The album comes to a close with a reflective “Outro,” leaving listeners with a lasting impression of Alliebaba’s unique sound and undeniable skill as a rapper.

Although “3 Wishes” remains Alliebaba’s only studio album, it stands as a testament to his talent and contribution to the West Coast hip-hop scene.



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