AK-D – No Rules


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1 Die 00:41
2 Demon With Red Eyes 04:24
3 Swingin Tightone’s 04:44
Featuring – Shantael Moss
4 Heaven Or Hell 05:26
Featuring – Veye-Jay
5 No Rules 03:58
6 Ya-Otic City 02:49
Featuring – J-Dubb
7 On The West 04:07
8 Pump It Or Dump It 01:16
Featuring – Bigg Sal-Lip
9 The Day 04:32
10 Is It For Show 05:15
11 Were My Love’s At 00:59
12 How High Am I 04:26
Featuring – Bigg Sal-Lip
13 Dope And Killa 00:40
Featuring – K Swizz
14 My Parade 04:10
15 What’s The “G” Like 03:41
Featuring – Spice 1, Young Kyoz
16 Party’s Over 04:01
Featuring – Bigg Sal-Lip
17 Outro 01:23


“No Rules,” the only studio album by Modesto, California rapper AK-D, was released in 2000 by Aries Music Entertainment Inc., BMG U.S. Latin, and Big Latin Entertainment. This hip-hop album showcases AK-D’s versatility as an artist, featuring a mix of gritty street anthems, introspective tracks, and party tunes.

The album kicks off with “Die,” a brief, hard-hitting intro that sets the tone for the rest of the project. “Demon With Red Eyes” follows, with AK-D delivering a sinister narrative over a haunting beat. “Swingin Tightone’s” features Shantael Moss and offers a smooth, laid-back vibe, while “Heaven Or Hell” is an introspective track with Veye-Jay that contemplates life choices and consequences.

The title track, “No Rules,” showcases AK-D’s assertive attitude and uncompromising style. “Ya-Otic City” enlists J-Dubb for a fast-paced, energetic anthem celebrating their city. “On The West” pays homage to West Coast hip-hop, and “Pump It Or Dump It” features Bigg Sal-Lip in a brief, yet catchy tune.

“The Day” and “Is It For Show” dive deeper into AK-D’s personal experiences, reflecting on past struggles and aspirations for a better future. “Were My Love’s At” is a short, heartfelt interlude expressing the importance of love and support. “How High Am I,” featuring Bigg Sal-Lip, is a laid-back track with a focus on the pleasures of life.

“Dope And Killa,” a brief interlude with K Swizz, leads into “My Parade,” a triumphant track that showcases AK-D’s confidence and ambition. “What’s The ‘G’ Like” enlists the talents of Spice 1 and Young Kyoz, adding a heavy dose of West Coast flavor to the album. The project wraps up with “Party’s Over,” a collaboration with Bigg Sal-Lip that serves as a fitting conclusion to the album, followed by a brief outro that ties everything together.

“No Rules” stands as a testament to AK-D’s raw talent and unique perspective as an artist. Though it remains his only studio album, it continues to be a valued gem within the hip-hop community, particularly among fans of West Coast rap.



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