Agerman – New Day


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1 New Day 04:20
2 Hush Little Baby 03:49
3 Celebration Of Life 03:23
4 Freedom 03:49
5 Praise Party 03:19
6 Dont Give Up 04:04
Featuring – Reign
7 All About The King 03:57
8 He Brought Me Out 03:47
9 Faith Walker 04:31
10 Daddys Litte Girl 04:35
11 He Reigns 05:16
12 Jubilee 04:19
13 Struggle Is Over 03:36
14 Days I Cried 03:06
15 It’s All About Love 05:07
16 Never 03:58
17 Virtuous Woman 04:17


“New Day” is the seventh studio album by gospel rapper Agerman, hailing from Oakland, California. Released in 2007 under Kingdom Business Entertainment, this project marks a departure from Agerman’s earlier work with 3X Krazy, showcasing his evolution as a gospel artist and preacher.

The album features 17 tracks that blend hip-hop beats with uplifting, faith-inspired messages. The opening track, “New Day,” sets the tone for the album with its optimistic message of hope and new beginnings. “Hush Little Baby” follows, offering comforting and soothing lyrics that provide a sense of reassurance.

In “Celebration of Life,” Agerman reflects on the beauty and blessings of existence, while “Freedom” speaks to the liberation that comes with embracing faith. “Praise Party” is an infectious, up-tempo track that invites listeners to join in a celebration of worship.

“Dont Give Up,” featuring Reign, is an empowering anthem of perseverance and strength, encouraging listeners to keep pushing forward even in the face of adversity. Throughout the album, Agerman shares his spiritual journey, as evidenced by tracks like “All About The King,” “He Brought Me Out,” and “Faith Walker.”

Songs like “Daddys Little Girl,” “He Reigns,” and “Jubilee” showcase Agerman’s ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level, revealing his vulnerability and genuine love for his faith. The album concludes with “Virtuous Woman,” a heartfelt tribute to strong, devoted women.

“New Day” is a powerful and inspirational project that highlights Agerman’s growth as an artist and his commitment to spreading the gospel through his music. This album is a must-listen for those seeking a blend of hip-hop and faith-based messages.



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