Aflacko – ForDaGang


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1 Cake (Remix) 02:45
2 In The Slums 02:52
3 Savage (Remix) 02:41
Featuring – Lady BP
4 Let It Blow 03:13
5 Cut It Out (Remix) 02:37
Featuring – Ty Dolla $ign
6 Strange 02:38
7 Street Code Master 02:50
Featuring – Lil Yase
8 He Wont (Remix) 02:11


“ForDaGang” is a dynamic mixtape by Oakland-based rapper Aflacko, released on May 1, 2018, under Get Dough Records Inc. The project showcases Aflacko’s raw talent and versatility, as well as his ability to collaborate with fellow artists like Lady BP, Ty Dolla $ign, and Lil Yase. With a tracklist of 8 songs, “ForDaGang” delivers a captivating blend of hard-hitting beats and introspective lyrics that resonate with fans of modern hip-hop.

The mixtape kicks off with “Cake (Remix),” a high-energy track that showcases Aflacko’s prowess as a lyricist and performer. “In The Slums” follows with a gritty portrayal of life in the streets, reflecting Aflacko’s authentic storytelling ability.

“Savage (Remix)” features Lady BP, adding a unique and powerful feminine touch to the project. The chemistry between Aflacko and Lady BP is undeniable, as they effortlessly trade verses on this standout track. “Let It Blow” continues the energy with a catchy hook and infectious rhythm that keeps listeners engaged.

“Cut It Out (Remix)” sees Aflacko teaming up with Ty Dolla $ign, an exciting collaboration that highlights the versatility of both artists. The track is a perfect fusion of their respective styles, making for a memorable listening experience.

“Strange” offers a more introspective look at Aflacko’s thoughts and experiences, while “Street Code Master” features Lil Yase, a fellow California rapper, in a track that emphasizes their shared values and commitment to the streets. The mixtape closes with “He Wont (Remix),” a powerful finale that leaves listeners wanting more.

“ForDaGang” is a testament to Aflacko’s talent and dedication to his craft. With its impressive lineup of guest features and diverse range of tracks, the mixtape is a must-listen for hip-hop enthusiasts.



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