Acktup – No Competition


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1 No Competition 03:49
2 I’m The Shit 03:12
3 Hood 2 Hood 04:19
4 Pop Dat G-Strang 03:17
Featuring – Ray Ryda Of Dirty Mackin’
5 Young OG 03:26
6 Super Duper Wet 04:02
Featuring – Mistah F.A.B.
7 Lil’ Mama Wet 03:32
8 Townbizzness 04:33
Featuring – J Stalin
9 Ma Boo Thang 03:55
Featuring – Knight, Mista Vista
10 Classy But Nasty 03:22
Featuring – E Da Singer
11 In My Soul 03:52
12 Whipped 03:33
Featuring – J Song Bird
13 Money Make Da World Turn 03:24
Featuring – S.A.V.
14 East Oakland USA (Remix) 03:28
Featuring – Mr. Tower, Philthy Rich
15 I Be Movin’ It 04:14
Featuring – Knight
16 Piano Sex 03:09
Featuring – Dame Dolla, E Da Singer
17 In Ma Trunk 04:18
Featuring – AC, Left Feet
18 Stick Um 03:16
Featuring – Frank Sticks
19 On The Grind Cuzzin 04:21
Featuring – Mista Vista
20 I’m Just A Black Man 04:00


“No Competition” is a compelling album by Oakland rapper Acktup, released in 2009 under Black Fam Entertainment and Light Brite Entertainment. The album features an extensive lineup of talented artists, such as Ray Ryda Of Dirty Mackin’, Mistah F.A.B., J Stalin, Knight, Mista Vista, E Da Singer, J Song Bird, S.A.V., Mr. Tower, Philthy Rich, Dame Dolla, AC, Left Feet, and Frank Sticks. With a blend of Thug Rap, Gangsta, and Hyphy styles, “No Competition” showcases Acktup’s ability to create a diverse and engaging listening experience.

The album opens with the self-assured title track “No Competition,” setting the tone for the rest of the project. Acktup demonstrates his lyrical prowess in tracks like “I’m The Shit” and “Hood 2 Hood,” while collaborating with Ray Ryda Of Dirty Mackin’ in the catchy “Pop Dat G-Strang.”

Acktup teams up with Mistah F.A.B. in “Super Duper Wet,” creating an energetic and memorable track. “Townbizzness” features J Stalin, further solidifying the album’s strong lineup of guest appearances. Other standout collaborations include “Ma Boo Thang” with Knight and Mista Vista, “Classy But Nasty” with E Da Singer, and “Whipped” featuring J Song Bird.

The album takes on a more introspective tone with “In My Soul,” produced by renowned producer Zaytoven. “East Oakland USA (Remix)” sees Acktup joining forces with Mr. Tower and Philthy Rich, while “I Be Movin’ It” features Knight and is produced by the legendary JT The Bigga Figga.

“No Competition” concludes with the powerful and reflective track “I’m Just A Black Man,” again produced by Zaytoven. Throughout the album, Acktup’s exceptional storytelling abilities and unique flow keep listeners captivated and eager for more.



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