A Brotha Named Quick – Never In Your Wildest Dreams


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1 Blase Blase 03:22
2 More Props Intro 00:57
Featuring – Davey D
3 More Props (Than A Hollywood Set) 05:01
4 Adventures On The Screen 05:32
5 Hard Core Hip-Hop Fans 04:37
6 Ain’t Nobody (Runnin No Games) 05:22
7 Da Funk Freaka 03:43
8 Wake Up (Before It Gets To Late) 04:58
Featuring – Brian Dyer
9 Jealousy 04:46
10 Sick Quiet Shit 03:23
11 Nice Butt 04:18
12 Rectify The Situation 04:48
13 One Man’s Noise 04:04
14 The Basement 04:17


“Never In Your Wildest Dreams” is the innovative debut album from Oakland, California rapper A Brotha Named Quick. Released in 1994 under the label Basement Flavor Recordings, the album features a collection of tracks that showcase the rapper’s distinctive style, blending elements of classic hip-hop with a fresh and unique approach.

Opening with “Blase Blase,” the album immediately demonstrates A Brotha Named Quick’s talent for catchy hooks and engaging wordplay. Following with “More Props Intro” featuring Davey D, the album sets the stage for “More Props (Than A Hollywood Set),” a track that highlights Quick’s skill in crafting memorable and relatable lyrics.

“Adventures On The Screen” and “Hard Core Hip-Hop Fans” pay homage to the golden era of hip-hop, while “Ain’t Nobody (Runnin No Games)” showcases A Brotha Named Quick’s ability to switch up his flow and style effortlessly. “Da Funk Freaka” continues the album’s exploration of diverse sounds and themes, offering a unique blend of funk and hip-hop.

Side B kicks off with “Wake Up (Before It Gets To Late)” featuring Brian Dyer, a thought-provoking track that encourages listeners to take control of their lives and make positive changes. “Jealousy” dives into the topic of envy and its destructive nature, while “Sick Quiet Shit” delivers a more introspective look at the rapper’s inner thoughts and struggles.

“Nice Butt” provides a playful and lighthearted moment in the album, followed by “Rectify The Situation,” a call for unity and understanding in the face of adversity. “One Man’s Noise” and “The Basement” round out the album, showcasing A Brotha Named Quick’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of hip-hop and creating music that stays true to his artistic vision.

“Never In Your Wildest Dreams” stands as a testament to A Brotha Named Quick’s talent and passion for the genre, offering a fresh and innovative take on hip-hop that remains engaging and memorable.


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