9 Lives Click – Livin By The Trigga


Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.



1 Changed The Lock 01:03
2 Caught Slippin 06:08
3 East Oakland Hoe’s 06:43
4 Caught Slippin (Radio Version) 04:16
5 Livin By The Trigga 04:32
6 Dope Game 04:38
7 Hoesumental 06:03


“Livin By The Trigga” is the one and only release by the Oakland, California-based rap group 9 Lives Click. Released in 1992 by Bay-B Records, this album captures the raw essence of the early 1990s West Coast hip-hop scene, with its gritty lyrics and hard-hitting beats. The group, a representative of the Oakland rap community, brought their unique sound and perspective to the rapidly evolving hip-hop landscape.

The album opens with “Changed The Lock,” a brief but powerful intro that sets the stage for the rest of the record. “Caught Slippin” follows, providing a glimpse into the harsh reality of street life and the consequences of letting one’s guard down. A radio version of the track is also included, offering a more accessible and radio-friendly version for a wider audience.

“East Oakland Hoe’s” delves into the group’s experiences with women and relationships, showcasing their storytelling abilities and vivid imagery. The title track, “Livin By The Trigga,” serves as the album’s centerpiece, emphasizing the group’s determination to survive and thrive in a dangerous environment.

“Dope Game” offers a candid look at the drug trade and its impact on the community, while the final track, “Hoesumental,” closes the album with a unique instrumental that highlights the group’s innovative approach to hip-hop production.

Although 9 Lives Click only released this single album, “Livin By The Trigga” remains a testament to their talent and contribution to the early 1990s West Coast hip-hop scene. Their authentic sound and unfiltered storytelling provide a fascinating snapshot of a particular time and place in hip-hop history.


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