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1 602 03:11
2 You Owe Me Some Money 04:25


“602” is a self-titled single released in 1997 by the rap group from Phoenix, Arizona. Released under REAL TiGhT Records, this single demonstrates the group’s talents and potential in the hip-hop scene. Produced by MAC JR, the two-track cassette single features songs that highlight the group’s G-Funk style and their ability to create memorable hooks and engaging lyrics.

The single opens with the track “602,” an homage to the group’s hometown of Phoenix and its area code. The song showcases the group’s unique sound and tight chemistry, while celebrating the city that influenced their music. With its catchy beat and smooth flow, “602” is a standout track that demonstrates the group’s potential in the hip-hop scene.

The second track, “You Owe Me Some Money,” explores themes of hustling and surviving in the streets. Featuring gritty lyrics and an infectious beat, this song highlights the group’s ability to tackle various subject matters and create music that resonates with a wide range of listeners.

“602” was recorded at MAC-Nificent Productions and mixed and re-recorded at The Sound Lab in Tempe. The single was co-produced and written by Shane (Heat) Chanberg, Andre (Dre) Jackson, and MAC JR. The recording engineer for the project was Barrett “B” Gardes, with Jeff Gater serving as the assistant engineer.

Overall, the “602” single offers a glimpse into the rap group’s talent and potential, showcasing their unique sound and style that embodies the spirit of their hometown, Phoenix, Arizona.


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