51.50 Illegally Insane – A.W.O.L. Missing In Action


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1 Missing In Action 00:42
Featuring – Sgt. Roc
2 Soldiers 04:58
Featuring – 454-Flodrolics, Sgt. Roc
3 Do It Right 04:16
4 1.1 04:07
Featuring – Riq Roq
5 Haterz 04:38
Featuring – Devious, Maney-Mane
6 Sometimes 04:31
7 Po Pimpin’ 04:24
Featuring – RT
8 Edge 04:53
9 Vibin Wit Da BSM 04:53
Featuring – BSM
10 Automaticali 04:27
Featuring – MSCheif, Masta-G, Solo
11 Shoot Gun Killa 04:05
Featuring – Masta-G
12 Here 2 Day Gone 2 Morrow 04:00
13 Livin’ In Tha Hood 05:05
Featuring – Jaermias, Young Life
14 Livin’ That Thug Life 03:50
15 Missing Altogether 00:58
Featuring – Jaermias, Riq Roq
16 Strange 08:09
Featuring – Jaermias, Riq Roq


“A.W.O.L. Missing In Action” is the third studio album by rap group 51.50 Illegally Insane, hailing from Marin City, California. Released on March 14, 2000, by Dogday Records and ARRogant Records, this 16-track album showcases the group’s smooth and soulful take on gangsta rap, differentiating them from their Bay Area counterparts.

The album opens with “Missing In Action,” featuring Sgt. Roc and produced by Razor Kidd and Riq Roq. This short intro sets the tone for the rest of the album. “Soldiers” follows, featuring 454-Flodrolics and Sgt. Roc, with production by J’Ron Noks and remixing by HK and Riq Roq. The track highlights the group’s commitment to their music and their camaraderie.

“Do It Right,” produced and mixed by Deryck D, continues the album’s smooth vibe, while “1.1” features Riq Roq with production by P-Hook and drum programming by Stro. “Haterz” is a solid track addressing critics and doubters, featuring Devious and Maney-Mane with production and mixing by Taurus.

“Sometimes” is a more introspective track, produced by Mr. D and featuring vocals by Plesor. “Po Pimpin'” adds another layer to the album with guest appearances by RT and Il Luv, and production by John Orr. “Edge” and “Vibin Wit Da BSM” feature an array of guest artists such as Astonia, Big Vill, Levi Luv, and BSM, with production by Meal Ticket and Razor Kidd, respectively. These tracks showcase the group’s ability to collaborate and create unique sounds with other artists.

“Automaticali” keeps the momentum going, featuring MSCheif, Masta-G, and Solo, with production by Cozmo and mixing by Taurus. “Shoot Gun Killa” brings a grittier sound to the album, featuring Masta-G and produced by Alpha & Omega and Cozmo.

“Here 2 Day Gone 2 Morrow” explores the transient nature of life, with production by Young P and a soulful mix of bass and guitar by Tebo. “Livin’ In Tha Hood” offers a candid look at the group’s experiences growing up, featuring Young Life and vocals by D-Dub and Plesor, with production by Ass-Ass-In.

“Livin’ That Thug Life,” produced by Meal Ticket, delves into the struggles and realities of street life. The album closes with “Missing Altogether,” featuring Riq Roq and produced by Mr. Dizz, and “Strange,” which features Riq Roq and Foe Loco with production by Sycosis and guitar by Brokeneck.

The album was arranged by G-Idez and Riq Roq, featuring Jaermias on tracks 13, 15, and 16. Mastering was handled by Albert Benichou, with Riq Roq taking care of mixing on most tracks. Popcorn provided vocals on various tracks throughout the album.



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