415 – Nu Niggaz On Tha Blokkk


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1 G-Spot Show 00:50
2 Nu Niggaz On Tha Blokkk 03:41
3 415 Is The Code 01:45
4 Goin’ Hard On A Bitch 05:12
Featuring – Lady Ace
5 Regina 03:00
6 Nu Release 00:40
7 T.Y.B.B. 03:01
8 Make It Or Break It 03:01
9 Poor Man’s Dream 03:45
10 Ass Out 00:28
11 Givit Up Smooth 03:22
12 Gimme My Props 03:54
13 Court In Tha Street (Remix) 03:57
14 True Definition 00:41
15 Lifestyle As A Gangsta 02:55
16 Tha Raid 00:39
17 Nuttin’ But A Come Up 03:04
18 Ridin’ High 02:21


“Nu Niggaz On Tha Blokkk” is the second studio album by Oakland, California-based rap group 415, released on October 3, 1991, by Priority Records. The album features the group’s gritty gangsta rap style, with producers DJ Daryl and J.E.D. collaborating with rappers Broski and D-Loc, as well as other guest performers. The group’s name, 415, originates from the telephone area code that once served both San Francisco and Oakland, before splitting in 1992.

The album kicks off with “G-Spot Show,” featuring DJ Daryl, G-Spot, and J.E.D., followed by the title track “Nu Niggaz On Tha Blokkk,” which showcases the group’s raw energy and hard-hitting lyrics. “415 Is The Code” maintains the momentum, while “Goin’ Hard On A Bitch,” featuring Lady Ace, adds a different flavor to the mix.

“Regina” and “Nu Release” continue the album’s strong narrative, with tracks like “T.Y.B.B.” and “Make It Or Break It” demonstrating the group’s lyrical prowess. “Poor Man’s Dream” delves into the struggles of living in poverty, while “Ass Out” and “Givit Up Smooth” keep the beats flowing.

“Gimme My Props” and “Court In Tha Street (Remix)” further showcase the group’s talent, with “True Definition” and “Lifestyle As A Gangsta” reflecting on the challenges and realities of life in the streets. “Tha Raid” serves as a brief interlude before “Nuttin’ But A Come Up” and “Ridin’ High” close the album with a powerful finish.

Despite the absence of original member Richie Rich due to his incarceration, “Nu Niggaz On Tha Blokkk” remains a strong representation of 415’s unique sound and their dedication to hip-hop, making it a worthy addition to any rap collection.



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