3X Krazy – The Best Of: 3X Krazy – 3 x 4 Life


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Disc 1

1 Hit The Gas 05:06
2 Dedicated 03:51
3 Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts 03:08
4 Big Body Benz 04:34
5 Murder Show 04:02
6 Kaviealstars 04:05
7 Your Friends 04:05
8 Hatin’ On A Playa 04:57
9 Maria 05:44
10 L.W.L. 04:03
11 Hit The Gas Again 04:27

Disc 2

1 Big League 03:32
2 Def Call 04:18
3 Rocket Ship 04:06
4 High Tech 03:52
5 Ghetto Got Me Crazy 05:12
6 Get The Money 04:23
7 Bring The Pain 04:36
8 Hit Niggas 03:59
9 Sparkin’ Flames 04:57
10 Thug Shit 03:27
11 Why 04:37


“The Best Of: 3X Krazy – 3 x 4 Life” is a double compilation album by the Oakland, California-based rap group 3X Krazy, consisting of B.A (Bart), Agerman, and Keak Da Sneak. Self-released on October 24, 2000, this compilation showcases the group’s finest tracks, highlighting their contribution to the West Coast hip-hop scene and their undeniable talent for creating infectious beats and hard-hitting lyrics.

Disc one of the compilation kicks off with “Hit The Gas,” produced by Tone Capone, followed by the Ant Banks-produced tracks “Dedicated” and “Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts.” The compilation continues with “Big Body Benz,” “Murder Show,” and “Kaviealstars,” featuring production by Big Deion. Other standout tracks on the first disc include “Your Friends,” “Hatin’ On A Playa,” “Maria,” “L.W.L.,” and “Hit The Gas Again.”

The second disc of the compilation begins with “Big League,” produced by Lev Berlak, followed by “Def Call” and “Rocket Ship.” The album proceeds with “High Tech,” “Ghetto Got Me Crazy,” and “Get The Money.” Further notable tracks include “Bring The Pain,” “Hit Niggas,” “Sparkin’ Flames,” “Thug Shit,” and “Why,” showcasing the group’s diverse range of styles and production collaborations.

“The Best Of: 3X Krazy – 3 x 4 Life” is a comprehensive collection of 3X Krazy’s most memorable tracks, offering fans a chance to revisit their favorite songs and providing newcomers with an introduction to the group’s unique sound. This double compilation album is a testament to 3X Krazy’s enduring impact on the West Coast hip-hop scene and their ability to create timeless, compelling music.



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