10-Sion – Lost In The Game


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1 Bay Love 01:45
Featuring – Phil-Good, TRU
2 Serve What I Can Serve 06:32
Featuring – Ivan The Terrible, Money Hungry
3 Floss Mode 04:34
4 Dear God 06:28
5 So Dangerous 05:02
Featuring – Shogunn
6 Lost In The Game 04:10
7 Turn It Out 04:02
8 If You Wanna Be Down 04:23
9 Roof Of The World 05:26
Featuring – Money Hungry
10 On The Edge 05:25
Featuring – Shogunn
11 Game 2 The Face 04:55
Featuring – C-Sicc, Scrilla Scratch
12 Trialz & Tribulations 05:14
Featuring – C-Sicc, Young Chopper
13 The Beast In Me 04:27
14 Bonus Track 04:07


“Lost In The Game” is the debut studio album by rapper 10-Sion from South San Francisco / Daly City, California. Released in 1999 by Borderline Records, the album features a blend of gangsta and G-funk hip-hop styles, showcasing 10-Sion’s versatile rap skills and unique voice. With a total of 14 tracks, the album takes listeners on a journey through 10-Sion’s experiences and emotions.

The opening track, “Bay Love,” features Phil-Good and TRU, setting the tone for the album with its smooth production and catchy hook. “Serve What I Can Serve” follows, featuring Ivan The Terrible and Money Hungry, with Hadi providing guitar accompaniment.

“Floss Mode” showcases 10-Sion’s ability to create an infectious groove, while “Dear God,” with Hadi on guitar, offers a more introspective look into the rapper’s life. “So Dangerous,” featuring Shogunn, demonstrates 10-Sion’s talent for collaboration.

The title track, “Lost In The Game,” delves into the struggles of life in the music industry, followed by “Turn It Out” and “If You Wanna Be Down.” “Roof Of The World,” featuring Money Hungry, and “On The Edge,” with Shogunn, continue to explore the ups and downs of the game.

“Game 2 The Face,” featuring C-Sicc and Scrilla Scratch, “Trialz & Tribulations,” with C-Sicc and Young Chopper, and “The Beast In Me” further exhibit 10-Sion’s lyrical prowess. The album concludes with a bonus track, adding an extra treat for fans.

Executive-produced by Joey Cordero and Jose Santana, and mastered by Larry Santiago, “Lost In The Game” is a strong debut that highlights 10-Sion’s distinctive rap style and memorable beats.



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