Zee Will & Kam Cooks – Project Pilot


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1 Suit Up 03:12
2 Pilot 03:36
3 The Light 03:10
4 Hollow 03:37
Featuring – Lucas Butler
5 Frequencies 03:48
Featuring – Nae Alma
6 Blame 01:51
7 Nothing’s Free 04:04
8 Run It 04:27
9 Hope I 03:39
Featuring – Brian Cade
10 Twisted 04:17
Featuring – Crash
11 Vandals 03:33


“Project Pilot” is a dynamic mixtape by Fresno, California rappers Zee Will and Kam Cooks, released on November 2, 2017, by Love City. The mixtape showcases the artists’ unique styles, blending smooth lyrical flows with captivating beats. Throughout the 11 tracks, Zee Will and Kam Cooks explore various themes and deliver a powerful listening experience.

The mixtape opens with “Suit Up,” setting the stage for the energetic journey ahead. “Pilot” follows, with its catchy hook and memorable verses. “The Light” showcases the rappers’ introspective side, while “Hollow” features the talents of Lucas Butler, adding depth to the project.

“Frequencies” brings in the soulful vocals of Nae Alma, creating a smooth, atmospheric vibe. “Blame” follows, with its concise runtime of 1:51, delivering a punchy message. “Nothing’s Free” delves into the struggles and realities of life, and “Run It” keeps the momentum going with its powerful beat and catchy chorus.

“Hope I” features the talents of Brian Cade, adding another layer of depth to the mixtape. “Twisted” brings in Crash for a captivating collaboration, while the closing track, “Vandals,” ties everything together with its engaging narrative and beats.

“Project Pilot” is a testament to Zee Will and Kam Cooks’ versatility as artists, blending various styles and influences to create a memorable mixtape that resonates with listeners.



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