Various – Undisputed Game Compilation


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1 Fly Vern U Think U Can Take Me 05:22
2 Stay High Click Kryptonitor 04:46
3 Lugnuts Every Since I Was A Youngsta 05:53
4 Trae I Got My Back 06:00
5 Fly Vern, Trae, Tonya Cobb Goin’ Deep 04:21
6 Silent But Deadly Silent But Deadly 05:44
7 Stay High Click, Puddin’ Concentration Camp 05:18
8 Two, Shabazz Life Has No Meaning 04:25
9 Lugnuts Just Anotha High Speed 04:07
10 Stay High Click, C-Dubb, Young-Gee Undisputed Game 05:27
11 Trae Everybody’s Playin’ 04:28
12 Shorty-E Give Your Love To Me 05:15
13 Silent But Deadly Kreepin’ Outta Tha Kuts 05:31
14 Stay High Click, Killa Dilla Dame, Sean-T Survival Tactics 07:11


Undisputed Game Compilation is a compilation album by various artists. The compilation was released in 1996 by Seahorse’s Records.



MP3-320, FLAC (Lossless)


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