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1 Fly Vern U Think U Can Take Me 05:22
2 Stay High Click Kryptonitor 04:46
3 Lugnuts Every Since I Was A Youngsta 05:53
4 Trae I Got My Back 06:00
5 Fly Vern, Trae, Tonya Cobb Goin’ Deep 04:21
6 Silent But Deadly Silent But Deadly 05:44
7 Stay High Click, Puddin’ Concentration Camp 05:18
8 Two, Shabazz Life Has No Meaning 04:25
9 Lugnuts Just Anotha High Speed 04:07
10 Stay High Click, C-Dubb, Young-Gee Undisputed Game 05:27
11 Trae Everybody’s Playin’ 04:28
12 Shorty-E Give Your Love To Me 05:15
13 Silent But Deadly Kreepin’ Outta Tha Kuts 05:31
14 Stay High Click, Killa Dilla Dame, Sean-T Survival Tactics 07:11


The “Undisputed Game Compilation” is a dynamic compilation album featuring various artists from the hip-hop scene. Released in 1996 by Seahorse’s Records, this compilation showcases the diverse talents of emerging and established artists alike, all united by their love for gangsta rap and G-Funk music styles.

Featuring 14 tracks, the “Undisputed Game Compilation” delivers an eclectic mix of hard-hitting beats, smooth flows, and powerful lyrics. From the opening track “U Think U Can Take Me” featuring Fly Vern to the closing “Survival Tactics” with Killa Dilla Dame, Sean-T, and Stay High Click, each song offers a unique perspective on life, love, and the pursuit of success.

Standout tracks in the compilation include “Kryptonitor” by Stay High Click, “Every Since I Was A Youngsta” by Lugnuts, “I Got My Back” by Trae, and “Goin’ Deep” featuring Fly Vern, Tonya Cobb, and Trae. The album also explores more introspective themes in songs like “Life Has No Meaning” featuring Shabazz and Two, as well as the titular track “Undisputed Game” with C-Dubb, Stay High Click, and Young-Gee.

The “Undisputed Game Compilation” is a testament to the diverse talents of the artists featured, providing listeners with a captivating experience that highlights the essence of gangsta rap and G-Funk styles. As a compilation album, it serves as a valuable snapshot of the hip-hop scene during the mid-1990s, showcasing the creativity and passion of the artists involved.



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