Various – Straight Out Of Compton The Soundtrack


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1 The Westadelicks Out For The Chips 04:31
2 The Cali Players Pump Your Brakes 04:31
3 Sabotage Ghetto Lullaby 03:52
4 Kangol I Won’t Stop 04:11
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5 Go Ike (Movie Clip) 00:15
6 Oletha Ford Love Is My Mission 04:28
7 The Westadelicks Rider 04:06
8 I.C.H. We Need The Money 05:14
9 Gwenn Here For You 04:03
10 I.C.H. I Come Up Hard 04:18
Featuring – Tone Kelsey
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11 Get Out (Movie Clip) 00:41
12 L.J. Rapp Pimp Daddy 04:32
13 Mouse Mentally Ready 03:12
14 Sabotage Money Talks 04:27
15 Tone Kelsey Physical Attraction 04:27
16 Outta Control, The Westadelicks & I.C.H. Across The Boarder 05:57
Featuring – The Westadelicks, I.C.H.
17 The Westadelicks Paper 03:54
18 Bonus Track 04:19


“Straight Out Of Compton The Soundtrack” is a dynamic compilation album featuring various artists and reflecting the diverse talents within the hip-hop genre. Released on February 20, 2001, by Back Door / Backyard Boogie Records, this compilation offers listeners a fresh and eclectic mix of tracks that showcase the musical prowess of the artists involved.

The 17-track album kicks off with the powerful “Straight Out Of Compton (Out For Them Chips)” by The Westadeliks, setting the tone for the rest of the compilation. With tracks like “Pump Your Brakes” by The Cali Players, “Ghetto Lullaby” by Sabotage, and “I Won’t Stop” by Kangol, the album offers a diverse range of hip-hop styles and sounds, ensuring there’s something for every fan.

In addition to the music, the compilation also features movie clips such as “Go Ike” and “Get Out,” adding another layer of depth and intrigue to the listening experience. Other standout tracks include “Love Is My Mission” by Oletha Ford, “Rider” by The Westadeliks, and “We Need The Money” by The Inner City Hoodlums featuring Shorty Bang.

As the album progresses, listeners are treated to a mix of energetic tracks and more introspective tunes, such as “Here For You” by Gwenn and “I Come Up Hard” by The Inner City Hoodlums featuring Tone Kelsey. The compilation wraps up with “Paper” by The Westadeliks, bringing the album full circle and leaving listeners wanting more.

“Straight Out Of Compton The Soundtrack” is a must-listen compilation for hip-hop fans, offering a diverse mix of tracks that showcase the incredible talent within the genre.



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