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1 Triste Loko You Don’t Want A Street War 03:38
2 Miss Lady Pinks Chicano Rap Hall Of Shame 03:16
3 No Artist Green Swagger & Style 04:27
4 The Torpedos Torpedo Roll Call 04:08
5 Lil Tweety I’ll Be Missing You 05:19
6 Lucky Luciano, Low G Money Getting Taller 03:31
7 Maniac, Ese Menace, Grumpy Loco Tatted Up Homeboys 04:18
8 Ese Menace Southern Califas 03:54
9 Miss Lady Pinks Bitches 04:00
10 Mr. Criminal Invasion 03:03
11 Script Loc Mission Unstopable 03:01
12 Demon Running The Game 03:52
13 No Artist Outro 02:03


“Latin Rap And Videos” is a compilation album featuring a diverse array of talented Latin artists in the hip-hop genre. Released in 2011 by Hi Power Entertainment and PMC Music Group, this album showcases the unique styles and lyrical prowess of artists such as Triste Loko, Miss Lady Pinks, The Torpedos, Lil Tweety, Lucky Luciano, Low G, and many more.

Opening with Triste Loko’s hard-hitting “You Don’t Want A Street War,” this compilation sets the tone for a powerful and engaging listening experience. The album offers a mix of tracks that highlight the unique talents and perspectives of each artist involved. Miss Lady Pinks makes her presence felt with the scathing “Chicano Rap Hall Of Shame” and the unapologetic “Bitches,” while Lil Tweety delivers an emotional tribute with “I’ll Be Missing You.”

Collaborations are a notable feature of this compilation, such as Lucky Luciano and Low G’s “Money Getting Taller,” which showcases their complementary flows and a shared focus on success. Maniac, Ese Menace, and Grumpy Loco join forces on “Tatted Up Homeboys,” highlighting their camaraderie and shared experiences.

Ese Menace’s “Southern Califas” pays homage to the West Coast, while Mr. Criminal brings an aggressive energy to the compilation with “Invasion.” Script Loc’s “Mission Unstoppable” emphasizes his determination and drive, and Demon closes out the album with the confident “Running The Game.”

Throughout the compilation, “Latin Rap And Videos” offers a captivating look into the Latin hip-hop scene, blending different styles and themes that showcase the depth and versatility of the artists involved. The album stands as a testament to the dynamic and powerful contributions of Latin artists to the world of hip-hop.



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