Various – Keak Da Sneak as Mr. Sicaluphacous Presents The Unda Dogs: The Soundtrack


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1 Keak Da Sneak Intro 00:53
2 Eclipse For Every Dollor Made 04:27
3 Jayo Felony, T-Luni, Keak Da Sneak, B.A. R.A.W. 04:16
4 Jay Lamont Skit #1 00:06
5 The Recruits Gangsta 04:26
6 Jay Lamont Skit #2 00:21
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7 Guce It’s War 04:59
8 Jay Lamont Crush On You 04:03
9 Keak Da Sneak Beat It Up 04:37
10 Phats Bossi, Lil Ke, Mad Max Crossroads 03:37
11 B-Legit, Phats Bossi, Lil Ke, Mad Max, Nikki Scarfo F#ck Wit Me 04:21
12 Crooked I Get It Girl 03:39
13 Jay Lamont Skit #3 00:09
14 Keak Da Sneak, Killa Tay, Mad Max Cause We 03:53
15 Jay Lamont Skit #4 00:34
16 Harm, Lil Ke, Killa Tay, Scripture My Niggas 04:23
17 Mac Dre, Keak Da Sneak, Dru Down Hard Or Soft 04:07
18 Jay Lamont Skit #5 00:15
19 Sky Balla Sky Balla 04:25
20 The Delinquents, Keak Da Sneak Headshots 03:33
21 T-Luni We All We Got 03:46
22 Lil Ke, Mac Al, B.A., Phats Bossi, Cocaine, Jacka, The Hustla, Harm Undadogs 06:01


Keak Da Sneak as Mr. Sicaluphacous Presents The Unda Dogs: The Soundtrack is a diverse and thrilling compilation album released in 2001 by Merciless Westbound Records. Featuring various artists, this compilation showcases the talents of renowned rapper Keak Da Sneak and other prominent names in the hip-hop scene. The album combines raw, street-savvy lyrics with hard-hitting beats that capture the essence of the West Coast sound.

Throughout the compilation, listeners are treated to unique collaborations, including tracks with Jayo Felony, T-Luni, B.A., Guce, B-Legit, Phats Bossi, Lil Ke, Mad Max, Crooked I, Killa Tay, Mac Dre, and Dru Down, among others. The album also features hilarious skits by Jay Lamont, adding a touch of humor to the listening experience.

The Unda Dogs: The Soundtrack offers a compelling blend of styles, ranging from gritty gangsta rap to smooth R&B-infused tracks. With Keak Da Sneak’s distinctive gravelly voice featured on multiple songs, this compilation is a must-have for fans of his work and those looking to explore the rich landscape of West Coast hip-hop.



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