Tiffane Love – One Woman Army


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1 Intro 00:25
2 Act Up 03:45
3 Here I Come 04:26
4 Gas That 03:32
5 Song For Mama 03:58
6 Interlude 01:16
7 Like I Do 03:12
8 Life Of Mine 04:00
9 Stay Out Ya Feelin’s 03:26
10 Put It In The Air 03:12
11 Thinking Of You 04:06
12 Woke Up 03:16
13 Outro 00:54


“One Woman Army” is a powerful project by Fairfield, California rapper Tiffane Love, released independently on March 30, 2017. The mixtape showcases Tiffane Love’s lyrical prowess, storytelling abilities, and unique perspective as a female artist in the hip-hop industry.

The mixtape begins with a brief “Intro” that sets the tone for the project. “Act Up” follows with an aggressive, energetic beat and hard-hitting lyrics, demonstrating Tiffane Love’s ability to command attention. “Here I Come” continues the momentum with a confident, catchy hook and infectious melody.

“Gas That” shifts gears, offering a more introspective look at Tiffane Love’s life experiences. The heartfelt “Song For Mama” is a touching tribute to her mother, highlighting the rapper’s vulnerability and emotional depth. The “Interlude” provides a brief pause before “Like I Do” picks up the pace again, showcasing Tiffane Love’s unique flow and clever wordplay.

“Life Of Mine” delves into the challenges and triumphs the rapper has faced throughout her life, while “Stay Out Ya Feelin’s” provides an assertive message about self-confidence and resilience. “Put It In The Air” is a smooth, laid-back track that showcases Tiffane Love’s versatility as an artist.

The introspective “Thinking Of You” explores themes of love and longing, while “Woke Up” is an uplifting anthem about perseverance and determination. The mixtape concludes with the “Outro,” bringing the project to a satisfying close.

Tiffane Love’s “One Woman Army” is a compelling mixtape that highlights her talent as a rapper and her unique voice within the hip-hop community.



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