The Pack – Wolfpack Muzik Vol. 2


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1 Vans 04:25
2 5 O’Clock Drop 03:43
3 Stuey 03:13
4 Wolfpack U Bitch 03:54
Featuring – Rue
5 Jell-O 03:16
6 2 Dumb 03:30
7 Godave 03:13
Featuring – Jynx
8 Wolfpack Party 03:00
9 Panty Droppers 02:54
10 The Ice Cream Song 04:21
Featuring – Teamknoc
11 Yes Sir 03:22
Featuring – Mistah F.A.B.
12 Quiet Down 03:04
13 Diary Of A Pimp 03:16
14 Criminal Mind 03:20
15 My Life 03:25
16 The Show Must Go On 03:40
Featuring – Nio
17 Motivashunal Muzik 03:54


“Wolfpack Muzik Vol. 2” is a mixtape by The Pack, a rap group from Berkeley, California. Released on March 17, 2006, this mixtape features 17 tracks that showcase the group’s energetic and youthful style. With guest appearances from Rue, Jynx, Teamknoc, Mistah F.A.B., and Nio, “Wolfpack Muzik Vol. 2” is a diverse and dynamic offering from The Pack.

Opening with the hit single “Vans,” the mixtape establishes its infectious energy and catchy hooks early on. Throughout the project, The Pack delivers a variety of tracks, ranging from the party anthem “Wolfpack Party” to the introspective “My Life.” The mixtape effortlessly balances high-energy tracks with more thoughtful, introspective songs, showcasing The Pack’s versatility and lyrical prowess.

Notable tracks on the mixtape include “5 O’Clock Drop,” “Stuey,” and “Jell-O,” which demonstrate the group’s distinctive sound and ability to create memorable hooks. Collaborations such as “Wolfpack U Bitch” featuring Rue, “Godave” featuring Jynx, “The Ice Cream Song” featuring Teamknoc, and “Yes Sir” featuring Mistah F.A.B. add depth and variety to the mixtape, highlighting the chemistry between The Pack and their featured artists.

The mixtape concludes with “Motivashunal Muzik,” a track that encapsulates the group’s ambition and determination to succeed in the music industry. “Wolfpack Muzik Vol. 2” is an impressive offering from The Pack, proving their ability to create captivating and memorable tracks that resonate with fans of hip-hop and rap alike.



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