Tha Mexakinz – Tha Mexakinz


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1 Introlude 01:17
2 U Don’t Even Know Me 04:06
3 Never In This World 04:38
4 Plead Insanity 04:01
5 Problems 05:06
6 La Plaga 03:39
7 2 Many MC’s 03:22
8 Confessions (Hell Don’t Pay) 05:10
9 Frost Interlude 01:18
10 Instinct 04:37
11 Provoke The Extreme 04:12
Featuring – Chino XL, Supherb
12 Burnin’ Hot 04:26
13 Realism 03:48
14 Headz Or Taylz 04:50
15 The Wake Up Show 03:38
Featuring – Chino XL, Xzibit
16 2 Many MC’s (Remix) 03:02


“Tha Mexakinz” is the second studio album by the Latin rap duo from Long Beach, California. Released on August 13, 1996, by Wild West Records, this album highlights the group’s bilingual rap skills and their ability to blend different hip-hop styles.

Tha Mexakinz, comprised of members Sinful (aka El Pecador) and I-Man (aka El Ilegal), gained popularity in the 1990s with their unique bilingual approach to rap, incorporating both English and Spanish in their lyrics. Their seamless transitions between languages and their distinctive sound set them apart in the hip-hop scene.

The album features 16 tracks that showcase Tha Mexakinz’s versatility and talent in crafting catchy beats and thought-provoking lyrics. The album opens with “Introlude,” followed by the energetic “U Don’t Even Know Me” and the introspective “Never In This World.” Other standout tracks include “Plead Insanity,” “Problems,” “La Plaga,” “2 Many MC’s,” “Confessions (Hell Don’t Pay),” and “Burnin’ Hot.”

“Tha Mexakinz” also features notable collaborations with other artists, such as Chino XL and Supherb on “Provoke The Extreme” and Chino XL and Xzibit on “The Wake Up Show.” The album concludes with a remix of “2 Many MC’s,” adding a fresh take on the original track.

“Tha Mexakinz” is a must-listen for fans of Latin rap and hip-hop enthusiasts alike. The album showcases the duo’s ability to break language barriers while delivering powerful messages through their music.



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