Stevie Joe – Gold Mind 3


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1 Come For Me 03:08
2 Juve Track 04:27
Featuring – Shad Gee, Yung Lott
3 Over & Over 02:56
Featuring – Miz Dre
4 On My Way 04:52
Featuring – HD, Yung Skreww, Nelly Bo
5 Overdose Remix 04:39
Featuring – Philthy Rich, HD
6 See Me (Remix) 06:41
Featuring – E-40, Philthy Rich, G-Val, Chippass, Taj-He-Spitz


“Gold Mind 3” is an EP by Bay Area rapper Stevie Joe, known for his gritty street-oriented style. Released in 2015 on Livewire Records, the project features six tracks with collaborations from some of the Bay’s biggest names, including E-40, Philthy Rich, HD, and others.

The EP kicks off with “Come For Me,” a hard-hitting track that sets the tone for the project with its menacing beat and aggressive lyrics. “Juve Track” features guest verses from Shad Gee and Yung Lott, and showcases Stevie Joe’s smooth flow over a sample from the classic Juvenile song “Back That Azz Up.”

The EP also includes the standout track “Overdose Remix,” which features Philthy Rich and HD and has become a fan favorite. The remix to “See Me” is another highlight, with verses from E-40, Philthy Rich, G-Val, Chippass, and Taj-He-Spitz over a sample from the classic song “Return of the Mack.”

Overall, “Gold Mind 3” is a must-listen for fans of Bay Area rap and a strong addition to Stevie Joe’s discography. With its hard-hitting beats and memorable collaborations, it solidifies Stevie Joe’s place as one of Oakland’s most respected MCs.



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