Poetry ‘N’ Motion – Staying Down In South Central


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1 Let’s Get High (Intro) / The Potent 03:57
2 Staying Down In South Central 03:46
3 Killa D’s 03:52
4 Welcome To The Limit 03:42
5 Bad Muthafucka 03:15
6 Wrong Nigga 2 Fuck Wit 03:25
7 Gun Checka / 187 Mode 03:51
8 The End Of The White World Supermacy 03:05
9 Untouchable Poet 04:44
10 Unseen 01:36
11 Don’t Rhyme Drunk 01:26


Staying Down In South Central, the only studio album by Los Angeles-based rap group Poetry ‘N’ Motion, was released on October 19, 1993, by Menes Records. The group, originally formed in 1986, was comprised of members Darrell L. Johnson (D-Rock-D), Eric Williams (D-Easy-E), and Jacques Barnes (D-M-D). They released a couple of singles in the late ’80s before disbanding. D-M-D later rebranded the group with a new member, Yahya Abdullah, and adopted a more gangsta rap sound.

This album delivers a blend of hardcore hip-hop, G-Funk, and gangsta rap styles, featuring 11 tracks that explore life in South Central Los Angeles. Produced by west coast hip-hop pioneer and former N.W.A. member Arabian Prince, Staying Down In South Central showcases the group’s raw talent and dedication to authentic storytelling.

Tracks such as “Staying Down In South Central,” “Killa D’s,” and “Welcome To The Limit” offer a glimpse into the challenges and realities of living in this notorious neighborhood, while other songs like “Bad Muthafucka” and “Gun Checka / 187 Mode” showcase the group’s lyricism and distinctive style.

Despite the group’s eventual disbandment and the passing of members Yahya Abdullah and D-M-D, Staying Down In South Central remains a testament to the talent and vision of Poetry ‘N’ Motion. The album is a must-listen for fans of hardcore hip-hop and west coast rap, capturing the essence of the genre during a transformative period in its history.



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