Poet-T Posse – I’m A Thrett


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1 I’m From The Roc 05:43
2 I Come Prepared 03:11
3 I’m A Thrett 03:53
4 He’s Watching You 05:33
5 Up Lift The Black Race 04:30
6 Cops Ain’t Shit To Me 04:15
7 Do Tha Gangsta 04:22
8 It’s In Their Nature 04:38
9 Arsonist 07:17
10 Fuck Christmas 02:11
11 Schoolin’ MCs 04:24
12 Don’t Play Yourself 05:26
13 He’s Watching You (Mix Version) 04:52
14 R.I.P. 02:53


“I’m A Thrett” is the one and only studio album by rap group Poet-T Posse from Duarte, California. Released on June 23, 1992, by JRS Records, this album features a combination of gangsta and conscious hip-hop styles. With 14 tracks, Poet-T Posse showcases their lyrical skills and diverse subject matter, ranging from social issues to life on the streets.

The album kicks off with “I’m From The Roc,” setting the tone for the group’s powerful messages and smooth beats. Songs like “I Come Prepared,” “I’m A Thrett,” and “Up Lift The Black Race” highlight Poet-T Posse’s conscious approach to rap, tackling topics such as racial inequality and self-empowerment. Tracks such as “Cops Ain’t Shit To Me” and “Do Tha Gangsta” delve into the gangsta rap style, providing a hard-hitting look at life in the streets.

“He’s Watching You” and “It’s In Their Nature” explore themes of surveillance and societal issues, while “Arsonist” and “Schoolin’ MCs” demonstrate the group’s lyrical prowess. “Don’t Play Yourself” serves as a cautionary tale, and “R.I.P.” offers a somber reflection on loss.

Produced for Golden Strutt Productions, “I’m A Thrett” was recorded at Studio VII and Entourage Studios. The album is copyrighted and phonographically copyrighted by Golden Strutt Productions, and it is distributed and manufactured by BMG Music. The album features John F. Wilson as the producer and sleeve notes contributor, with Poet-T and Rally Rail as the main performers.

As a unique contribution to the early 1990s hip-hop scene, “I’m A Thrett” offers a captivating blend of gangsta and conscious rap, making it a must-listen for fans of West Coast hip-hop.



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