Playa-Ju – $ Young Ass Playa $


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1 Young Ass Playa 06:19
2 Fore Front 05:18
3 Few Short Lines 04:43
4 Hit It Once 04:19
5 Tight Ass Funk 04:22
6 Spittin Much Game 03:46
7 Play It Like It Is 04:20
8 Funk Is On 04:32
9 20-Foe-7 04:17
10 Quiet Side 04:22
11 S-U-P 05:21
12 Other Side Of Town 05:20


“$ Young Ass Playa $” is the only studio album by Fairfield, California rapper Playa-Ju, released on June 11, 1996, under the Serious Sounds label. This 12-track album showcases Playa-Ju’s unique style and talents in the Gangsta Hip Hop genre, combining catchy beats with street-smart lyrics.

The album kicks off with the titular track “Young Ass Playa,” setting the tone for the rest of the project. Songs like “Fore Front,” “Few Short Lines,” and “Hit It Once” display Playa-Ju’s impressive flow and wordplay, while “Tight Ass Funk” and “Spittin Much Game” exhibit the rapper’s knack for creating infectious hooks.

Continuing with tracks such as “Play It Like It Is,” “Funk Is On,” and “20-Foe-7,” Playa-Ju maintains the album’s engaging momentum. “Quiet Side” offers a more introspective look into the artist’s life, while “S-U-P” and “Other Side Of Town” bring the album to a close with a strong finish.

Recorded at Solano Sounds Studio, “$ Young Ass Playa $” features engineering by Bobby Ford and Tony Esperance, with executive production by Roger Mitchell. The album also includes guitar contributions from Joey Crump and was produced by both Playa-Ju and Roger Mitchell.

Though it remains Playa-Ju’s only studio album, “$ Young Ass Playa $” serves as a testament to the rapper’s skill and potential, providing a memorable listening experience for fans of Gangsta Hip Hop.



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