Mr. Criminal – Organized Crime


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1 Intro 04:05
2 Most Wanted 04:13
3 Ride With Me 04:08
4 Represent That Side 01:42
5 Dont F…K With Me 04:24
6 Lyrical Assassin 04:25
7 High All Day 03:47
Featuring – Kokane
8 Notorious Riders 03:41
Featuring – Malow Mac
9 From The Streets To The Mainline 03:51
Featuring – Mr. Capone-E
10 Criminal Just Fucked You Up 03:57
11 Bad News 01:35
Featuring – Mr. Fern
12 Load Up The Glocks 04:08
13 Ear To The Streets 04:59
Featuring – DTTX
14 Dreams And Knightmares 03:33
15 When I Die 03:58
16 Don’t Want None Of This Rider 00:49
17 What The Streets Created 03:43
Featuring – Mr. Silent
18 Phone Call (Interlude) 03:20
19 How We Riden 03:53
20 Criminals Diary 04:24
21 We Run With It 04:11
Featuring – Mr. Capone-E, Mr. Silent


Organized Crime is the second studio album by Los Angeles-based rapper Mr. Criminal, released on June 15, 2004, under Hi Power Entertainment. The album features a fusion of gangsta rap and funk with Latin influences, establishing Mr. Criminal as a force within the Chicano rap scene. The album includes collaborations with Kokane, Malow Mac, Mr. Capone-E, Mr. Fern, DTTX, and Mr. Silent.

The 21-track project opens with an intro, followed by “Most Wanted,” setting the stage for the album’s gritty and authentic vibe. Mr. Criminal showcases his lyrical prowess on tracks like “Ride With Me,” “Represent That Side,” and “Lyrical Assassin.” The rapper also delves into introspective themes on tracks like “Dreams and Knightmares” and “When I Die.”

Notable collaborations on the album include “High All Day” featuring Kokane, “Notorious Riders” with Malow Mac, and “From The Streets To The Mainline” alongside Mr. Capone-E. “Bad News” sees Mr. Criminal teaming up with Mr. Fern, while DTTX lends his talent to “Ear To The Streets.”

The album concludes with “We Run With It,” featuring Mr. Capone-E and Mr. Silent, tying together the themes and collaborations that make Organized Crime a standout project. Mr. Criminal’s distinct style and storytelling ability shine throughout the album, making it a must-listen for fans of Chicano rap and West Coast hip-hop.



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