Me & My Cousin – International


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1 Learnin’ The Game 04:58
2 Front To Back 04:44
3 Bank Out 04:58
4 To Catch A Playa 00:38
5 Smooth 03:34
6 International 05:49
7 4 Who 02:50
8 My Day 04:51
9 Back In Kentucky 00:37
10 Switches 04:35
11 Baby Getaround 00:20
12 Freaks 04:48
13 Fronting MF 00:37
14 Fonk Interlude 03:23
15 Red Carpet 05:17
16 The End Tho 04:56


“International” is the only studio album by the rap group Me & My Cousin, consisting of Bryan Thompson and Kevin Saunders, hailing from Oakland, California. Released on March 12, 1996, by Priority Records and Hard II Oppose Records, the album delivers a distinct West Coast Gangsta-style hip-hop sound.

The 16-track album starts with “Learnin’ The Game,” setting the tone for the project with its raw lyrics and heavy beats. As the album progresses, tracks like “Front To Back” and “Bank Out” showcase the duo’s exceptional storytelling skills and ability to create captivating hooks. “To Catch A Playa” and “Back In Kentucky” serve as interludes, providing breaks from the hard-hitting tracks and adding a more lighthearted touch to the album.

The album’s title track, “International,” highlights Me & My Cousin’s ambitions to reach beyond their local scene and make an impact on the global hip-hop community. Songs like “Smooth,” “Switches,” and “Freaks” feature catchy hooks and memorable melodies, while tracks like “Red Carpet” and “The End Tho” offer a glimpse into the group’s more introspective side.

Mastered by Brian “Big Bass” Gardner and mixed by Tony Alvarez, the production on “International” is handled by David “Rhythm D” Weldon, with additional contributions from G.L.E. and guitarists Khaliq and Mike “Crazy Neck” Sims. The album captures the essence of West Coast hip-hop in the mid-90s, showcasing Me & My Cousin’s unique style and undeniable talent.



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