Luniz – I Got 5 On It


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1 I Got 5 On It (Clean Short Mix) 04:06
2 I Got 5 On It (Clean Bay Ballas Vocal Remix) 04:14
Featuring – Dru Down, E-40, Humpty Hump, Richie Rich, Shock G, Spice 1
3 I Got 5 On It (Drop Zone Rub 1) 05:14
4 I Got 5 On It (Drop Zone Rub 2) 04:56
5 I Got 5 On It (Gumbo Funk Remix) 04:52
6 I Got 5 On It (Clean Weedless Mix) 04:14


“I Got 5 On It” is a groundbreaking maxi-single by the influential Oakland, California rap group Luniz. Released in 1995 by Virgin, C-Note Records, and Noo Trybe Records, the single features six different mixes of the iconic track. With catchy hooks and an unforgettable beat, “I Got 5 On It” quickly became an anthem for marijuana enthusiasts and rap fans alike.

The maxi-single includes the Clean Short Mix, Clean Bay Ballas Vocal Remix featuring Dru Down, E-40, Humpty Hump, Richie Rich, Shock G, and Spice 1, two Drop Zone Rub mixes produced by I.G. Culture, a Gumbo Funk Remix by N.O. Joe, and a Clean Weedless Mix. The track samples Club Nouveau’s “Situation #9,” creating a unique blend of hip-hop and R&B elements.

“I Got 5 On It” became an international hit, reaching number two in Germany, number three in the United Kingdom, and number eight in the United States. The single was certified Platinum by the RIAA on October 31, 1995, and sold one million copies domestically.

In 2022, Pitchfork ranked “I Got 5 On It” one of “The 250 Best Songs of the 1990s,” solidifying its status as a timeless classic. The track’s success helped launch Luniz’s debut album, “Operation Stackola,” to great acclaim and commercial success.



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