LSD – OutKasted


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1 I’m Ready 00:12
Featuring – X-Cell
2 Heatrock 05:21
3 On One 03:38
4 Gangsta Shit 05:32
Featuring – Madd Pupp
5 Watch How They Go Out 04:23
6 Rhymekilla 04:50
Featuring – Bobby Demarco
7 Retaliation 03:30
8 The Call (Skit) 00:29
Featuring – Rochelle
9 I’m Yo Gangsta 04:26
Featuring – Rochelle
10 Wickednez 04:55
11 94 Bangin 05:33
12 Tha Block (Skit) 01:05
Featuring – Madd Pupp
13 Mr. Inferno 05:36
14 Nina Fo’ja 04:37
Featuring – Madd Pupp
15 Pussy 04:33
Featuring – Madd Pupp
16 Picture Perfect 04:16
17 Rampage 04:30
18 Soldierz 01:58


“OutKasted” is the debut and only studio album by the talented rapper LSD, hailing from Inglewood, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Released in 2002 by Rednoze Rekordz Inc., the album showcases LSD’s unique style, seamlessly blending West Coast hip-hop with the vibrant energy of Las Vegas.

The 18-track album features an array of guest appearances, including X-Cell, Madd Pupp, Bobby Demarco, and Rochelle. With its diverse range of songs, “OutKasted” offers a captivating listening experience, highlighting LSD’s lyrical prowess and distinctive flow.

Kicking off with the brief intro “I’m Ready,” featuring X-Cell, the album quickly delves into hard-hitting tracks such as “Heatrock” and “On One.” “Gangsta Shit,” featuring Madd Pupp, offers an unapologetic glimpse into the gritty realities of street life, while “Watch How They Go Out” and “Rhymekilla,” featuring Bobby Demarco, showcase LSD’s storytelling abilities and impressive wordplay.

The album also incorporates skits like “The Call” and “Tha Block,” featuring Rochelle and Madd Pupp, respectively, adding a touch of humor and narrative cohesion to the project. Other standout tracks include “I’m Yo Gangsta,” featuring Rochelle, “Wickednez,” and “94 Bangin.”

“OutKasted” concludes with the powerful tracks “Rampage” and “Soldierz,” leaving a lasting impression on listeners and solidifying LSD’s place in the hip-hop scene. As a whole, the album is a testament to LSD’s talent and versatility, offering a unique fusion of West Coast and Las Vegas influences that will undoubtedly resonate with fans of both regions.



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