L-Love – Can’t Ruin This!


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1 Game Intro 01:36
2 Can’t Ruin This! 03:17
3 Let’s Ride 03:55
Featuring – Wizzayne
4 The Grind 02:35
5 I Like To Flow 03:00
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6 Let Me See 02:43
7 Laughing Outro 01:55


“Can’t Ruin This!” is a classic EP by rapper L-Love from Antioch, California. Released in 1997, this project was uniquely distributed by At Home Records on cassette tape only, reflecting the prevalent format of the era. The EP features a gangsta-style hip hop sound, staying true to its roots and delivering an authentic listening experience for fans of the genre.

The EP starts with “Game Intro,” setting the tone for the project with its captivating sound and engaging atmosphere. The title track, “Can’t Ruin This!,” follows, showcasing L-Love’s lyrical prowess and confident delivery, emphasizing his determination to make a mark in the hip hop scene.

“Let’s Ride” features Wizzayne, adding a layer of collaborative energy to the EP, as the two artists join forces to create a memorable track. “The Grind” keeps the momentum going with its raw sound and relentless flow, demonstrating L-Love’s dedication to his craft.

On Side B, “I Like To Flow” offers a catchy hook and a smooth beat, highlighting L-Love’s ability to create engaging tracks that resonate with listeners. “Let Me See” keeps the energy up, with L-Love delivering a captivating performance that showcases his versatility as an artist.

The EP comes to an end with “Laughing Outro,” a lighthearted conclusion that leaves listeners with a memorable impression of L-Love’s unique style and talent.

“Can’t Ruin This!” is a testament to L-Love’s passion for hip hop, offering a glimpse into his early beginnings in the industry and solidifying his place in the rap scene of Antioch, California.


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