Killa Tay – Piimp Compilation


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1 Hypnotic 03:31
Featuring – Yobz, Mahem, Cease Money
2 Oh Boy!! 04:47
Featuring – Dobad
3 Fastlife 04:00
Featuring – Mr. Fab, Jamillions
4 U Bitch!! 04:05
Featuring – Mahem
5 My Main Thang 04:13
Featuring – Big Ju
6 Smoke Somethin 04:53
Featuring – Yobz, Peoples, Mahem, Big Ju
7 It Dont Stop 04:00
8 Birthday Bars 05:38
Featuring – Cease Money
9 This Shit Slapp 02:40
Featuring – 151, Cease Money, Yobz
10 Cruisin On The Freeway 03:29
11 lf Its Real 04:02
12 Bounce Smash Dip 03:55
Featuring – Dobad
13 B4 I Let Go 04:09
Featuring – Mahem, Big Ju
14 So Cold 04:29
Featuring – Mahem, Big Ju
15 Aint Goin Hard 06:33
Featuring – Money County All Stars
16 Fuck All Yall 03:42
Featuring – Mahem, L.Money


“Piimp Compilation” is a diverse and engaging project by Fresno, California rapper Killa Tay. Released in 2014 under PIIMP ENT, this compilation album showcases Killa Tay’s talent for bringing together a variety of artists and styles to create a unique listening experience. With 16 tracks featuring a blend of collaborations and solo performances, “Piimp Compilation” delivers a powerful mix of storytelling, energy, and West Coast vibes.

The album opens with “Hypnotic,” a mesmerizing track featuring Yobz, Mahem, and Cease Money, setting the stage for the compilation’s diverse soundscape. “Oh Boy!!” and “Fastlife” bring a fast-paced energy to the album, with guest appearances from Dobad, Mr. Fab, and Jamillions.

Tracks like “U Bitch!!” and “My Main Thang” showcase Killa Tay’s ability to blend raw lyricism with catchy hooks, while “Smoke Somethin” offers a laid-back vibe featuring Yobz, Peoples, Mahem, and Big Ju.

“It Don’t Stop” and “Birthday Bars” continue the compilation’s dynamic energy, with Cease Money lending his talents to both tracks. “This Shit Slapp” and “Cruisin On The Freeway” provide a perfect soundtrack for a West Coast ride, with appearances from 151, Cease Money, and Yobz.

The album delves deeper into introspective storytelling with “lf Its Real” and “Bounce Smash Dip,” featuring Dobad’s contribution. “B4 I Let Go” and “So Cold” showcase the talents of Mahem and Big Ju, while “Aint Goin Hard” presents a collaboration with Money County All Stars.

The compilation concludes with the assertive “Fuck All Yall,” a track that reinforces Killa Tay’s uncompromising approach to his music and features Mahem and L.Money.



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