Ke’Madonna – Tha Undaground


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1 Bingo (Free Bing) 03:24
Featuring – Zacht, Rxollin Stone
2 How Do U Want It 03:02
Featuring – Michelea Moore, Ron Sizzle
3 Hit Tha Streets 03:18
Featuring – Ralo Stylez
4 Do This Shit 03:01
Featuring – Jooba Loc
5 Picture Me Rollin 18′ 02:46
Featuring – G.I Joe
6 I’m Tha Shit 01:49
7 Shawty 02:56
Featuring – Zacht, Newport
8 Remy & Henny 03:39
Featuring – R&Z
9 Money Keep Calling 02:49
Featuring – Michelea Moore
10 Tha Ghetto 02:43
11 Scandalouz 02:34
12 Crush On You 03:29
Featuring – Compton Av


“Tha Undaground” is a fiery mixtape by up-and-coming rapper Ke’Madonna from Los Angeles, California. Released on March 9, 2018, by On My Grind LLC / Gutter Money Entertainment, the project showcases Ke’Madonna’s dynamic flow and sharp lyricism, solidifying her place in the competitive LA hip-hop scene.

The mixtape kicks off with “Bingo (Free Bing),” featuring Zacht and Rxollin Stone. This energetic opener sets the stage for the rest of the project, highlighting Ke’Madonna’s ability to collaborate with other artists and create a memorable track.

“How Do U Want It” follows, showcasing Ke’Madonna’s skillful wordplay and clever rhymes. With features from Michelea Moore and Ron Sizzle, the track offers a catchy hook and smooth production.

“Hit Tha Streets,” featuring Ralo Stylez, is a gritty anthem that captures the essence of street life in Los Angeles. Ke’Madonna’s raw storytelling abilities shine through, painting a vivid picture of the city’s struggles and triumphs.

On “Do This Shit,” Ke’Madonna teams up with Jooba Loc to deliver a high-energy track that showcases their undeniable chemistry and powerful verses.

“Picture Me Rollin 18′” featuring G.I Joe, is a nod to the classic West Coast sound, with Ke’Madonna delivering smooth flows over an infectious beat.

“I’m Tha Shit” is a confident and self-assured track that highlights Ke’Madonna’s unwavering belief in her abilities and her drive to succeed in the hip-hop world.

“Shawty,” featuring Zacht and Newport, brings a more melodic and laid-back vibe to the mixtape, demonstrating Ke’Madonna’s versatility as an artist.

“Remy & Henny” featuring R&Z, “Money Keep Calling” featuring Michelea Moore, “Tha Ghetto,” “Scandalouz,” and “Crush On You” featuring Compton Av round out the mixtape with a diverse range of sounds and topics, making “Tha Undaground” a must-listen for fans of authentic LA hip-hop.



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