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1 East Oakland 04:19
Featuring – Lil Bra, Scoot
2 Same Ol’ Sh*t 03:02
3 Amigo 04:10
Featuring – Harm, Yukmouth
4 All I Need 04:34
5 Hands In The Sky 05:01
6 Fast Lane 03:57
7 Untouchable 04:42
Featuring – Lil Bra
8 Square As Ni**@$ 02:59
9 Why 04:07
10 Cream 04:37
Featuring – Spice-1
11 Can’t You See 04:13
12 Mind Of A Soldier 04:11


Keak Da Sneak’s self-titled studio album, released on November 9, 2004, under Moe Doe Entertainment, showcases the Oakland rapper’s signature gangsta and hyphy style. The album features 12 tracks, each highlighting Keak’s distinct gravelly voice and powerful lyrics that tell stories of life in Oakland and the rapper’s personal experiences.

Collaborations on this album include appearances by Lil Bra, Scoot, Harm, and Yukmouth, adding depth to the project and displaying the diverse talent of the hip-hop scene. Notable tracks like “East Oakland,” “Amigo,” and “Untouchable” exemplify Keak’s raw storytelling abilities and exceptional wordplay. Other standout songs include “Fast Lane” and “Cream,” featuring Spice-1, which showcase the rapper’s ability to create memorable hooks and engaging melodies.

The album’s production credits include D-Dre, E-A-Ski, and Tone Capone, who contribute to the cohesive sound and atmosphere of the project. From start to finish, Keak Da Sneak’s self-titled album delivers a genuine representation of the rapper’s journey and the culture of Oakland, making it a must-listen for fans of authentic hip-hop.



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