Kaos – In The Mist Of Kaos


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1 Much Respect 04:24
2 Jack Move 00:28
3 Last Days 04:09
4 Fade To Black 03:55
Featuring – Chunk, PaPoose
5 Bitch Ass Nigga 01:00
6 Murda Mission 03:40
Featuring – Sean T
7 For The Money 04:02
8 You Feel Me 00:28
9 I Can See The Plan 04:12
10 You About To See 04:32
11 Murder One Posse 05:40
Featuring – Chunk, Daddy Coffee, PaPoose, Sean T, Sh’killa
12 It Ain’t Easy 04:18
Featuring – Scrib, Trigga Face, Young C


“In The Mist Of Kaos” is the sole studio album by East Palo Alto, California rapper Kaos. Released on May 2, 1995, by Murder One Records, the album showcases Kaos’ raw talent as a gangsta rapper. With 12 tracks that delve into various aspects of street life, the album offers a gritty and authentic look at the rapper’s experiences and perspective.

The album begins with “Much Respect” and continues with tracks like “Last Days,” “Fade To Black,” “Murda Mission,” and “For The Money.” Throughout the album, Kaos collaborates with several artists, such as Chunk, PaPoose, Sean T, Daddy Coffee, Sh’killa, Scrib, Trigga Face, and Young C, adding diversity and depth to the record.

“In The Mist Of Kaos” was recorded at Find A Way Studios and mastered at Rocket Lab. The album features the production prowess of Sean T, who also appears as a featured artist on multiple tracks. The album’s cover art and layout were designed by Phunky Phat Graph-X, while photography was handled by Keba Konte.

As a testament to Kaos’ impact on the gangsta hip-hop scene in the mid-90s, “In The Mist Of Kaos” stands as a powerful and authentic representation of the rapper’s unique style and the experiences that shaped his music.



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