J. Tripper – Five Hours Early Ten Minutes Late!


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1 That’s What It Is 04:50
Featuring – Ap.9, Shill Macc, Krypto
2 Scraperz 03:39
Featuring – Lee Majors, Shill Macc
3 Right Back At You 03:24
Featuring – Tito B
4 Sendin Hoes 03:37
Featuring – Shill Macc
5 Hey 04:29
Featuring – Grand, Kob
6 Vampyre 03:22
Featuring – Sonny Forecast
7 Let Me See It 04:17
Featuring – Kob
8 Finer Things 03:35
Featuring – Sonny Forecast
9 Doors Open 02:46
10 Cakeaholics Song 04:22
Featuring – Bobby Drake
11 Handsome 03:32
Featuring – Phil Hennen
12 The Heart Of The City 03:07
Featuring – Phil Hennen
13 Hey You 03:43
Featuring – B.A.M, Tony Colden
14 Fresh 03:18
15 Twist 03:04
Featuring – 2pac
16 Fucking On You 03:20
Featuring – Roddy Bo
17 Movin Like Me 02:59
Featuring – Sean T
18 They Gonna Hate You 03:06
19 Observationz 03:41
Featuring – Le Aka L-Dot, Hatchett Tha 1st
20 Asylum 02:50
21 Bandit 02:54
22 Pro-Duc-Tive 03:26


J. Tripper’s mixtape “Five Hours Early Ten Minutes Late!” is a gritty, hard-hitting project that showcases the rapper’s lyrical ability and features collaborations with several other artists. The project was released on May 7, 2015, through Flood The Block and features appearances by well-known artists such as Ap.9 (of Mob Figaz), Lee Majors, Sean T, and others.

The mixtape opens with “That’s What It Is,” featuring Ap.9, Shill Macc, and Krypto, a hard-hitting track that sets the tone for the rest of the project. From there, J. Tripper continues to showcase his lyrical prowess on tracks such as “Scraperz” with Lee Majors and Shill Macc and “Right Back At You” featuring Tito B.

Throughout the project, J. Tripper displays his versatility as a rapper, with tracks like “Hey” featuring Grand and Kob showcasing his ability to create catchy, radio-friendly hooks. Other tracks, such as “Vampyre” featuring Sonny Forecast, are more experimental and showcase J. Tripper’s willingness to take risks.

One standout track on the mixtape is “Twist,” which features a posthumous verse from Tupac Shakur. J. Tripper’s verses on the track complement Tupac’s perfectly, making for a seamless collaboration.

Overall, “Five Hours Early Ten Minutes Late!” is a project that will appeal to fans of raw, unapologetic rap music. With its impressive list of features and J. Tripper’s undeniable talent on the mic, this mixtape is a must-listen for fans of West Coast hip-hop.



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