God’s Original Gangstaz – Resurrected Gangstaz


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1 A Continuation 01:10
2 Side West Praise 02:25
3 Tha C.L.I.C.K 05:37
4 Faith 06:15
5 Imagine This 04:43
6 Resurrected Gangstaz 05:34
7 These Tears 06:47
8 Reality 02:43
9 Hooked 03:55
10 Exit 2 Freedom 05:51
11 Idle Mind 03:28
12 What About Me? 04:09
13 I Can’t 04:16
14 Do You Still Care? 06:01


“Resurrected Gangstaz” is the second studio album by Los Angeles-based rap group God’s Original Gangstaz, released in 1997 by Grapetree Records and Diamante Music Group. The album showcases the group’s signature gangsta hip-hop style while exploring themes of faith, struggle, and redemption.

The album kicks off with “A Continuation,” a track that sets the tone for the rest of the album, followed by “Side West Praise,” which pays homage to the group’s West Coast roots. “Tha C.L.I.C.K” delves into the concept of unity and camaraderie, while “Faith” emphasizes the importance of belief and trust in a higher power.

“Imagine This” offers a glimpse into an alternate reality, and the title track “Resurrected Gangstaz” showcases the group’s commitment to their faith and the power of redemption. “These Tears” and “Reality” delve into the emotional struggles faced in everyday life, while “Hooked” addresses addiction and its consequences.

“Exit 2 Freedom” offers a message of hope and liberation, followed by “Idle Mind,” which warns against the dangers of complacency. “What About Me?” and “I Can’t” explore feelings of self-doubt and the need for support from others, while the album closes with “Do You Still Care?” – a heartfelt plea for understanding and empathy.

“Resurrected Gangstaz” is a powerful album that showcases God’s Original Gangstaz’s ability to blend gangsta hip-hop with thought-provoking themes and messages, creating a unique and impactful listening experience.



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