Go Getta Da PaperBoi – Money Drugs Power


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1 Gotta Be Thick 03:29
Featuring – Money Mitch
2 Long Way 03:35
Featuring – RSK
3 Young & I’m Paid 03:41
Featuring – Acktup
4 Married To The Ave 04:22
5 Keep It 100 02:51
6 Livin Life 03:30
Featuring – Lil Rock
7 They Call Me Gifted 01:49
Featuring – Gifted
8 Colors 02:10
Featuring – El Jefe
9 When I Ride 04:39
Featuring – Gifted
10 Get ‘Em 03:25
11 Chinchilla 04:08
12 Boss’s Chair 03:03
Featuring – Bruiz
13 Hold It Down 03:14
Featuring – El Jefe
14 Geeked Up 03:20
Featuring – El Jefe
15 Permanent Obsession 03:25
16 Better Than 02:48
Featuring – Bruiz
17 Spit Slang 04:17
Featuring – Ill-Iteracy


“Money Drugs Power” is a powerful mixtape by Fairfield, California rapper Go Getta Da PaperBoi, released on August 4, 2016, under Wit-Tha-Movement Ent. This project showcases Go Getta Da PaperBoi’s exceptional talent as he explores themes of street life, ambition, and power throughout the mixtape. With collaborations from Money Mitch, RSK, Acktup, Lil Rock, Gifted, El Jefe, Bruiz, and Ill-Iteracy, the mixtape delivers a range of styles and perspectives.

The mixtape opens with “Gotta Be Thick,” featuring Money Mitch, setting the tone with its infectious beat and catchy hook. Tracks like “Long Way” featuring RSK and “Young & I’m Paid” featuring Acktup showcase Go Getta Da PaperBoi’s ability to create memorable anthems that resonate with listeners.

“Money Drugs Power” continues with tracks like “Married To The Ave” and “Keep It 100,” further exploring the themes of street life and ambition. Collaborations with Lil Rock on “Livin Life” and Gifted on “They Call Me Gifted” and “When I Ride” add variety and depth to the mixtape.

As the project progresses, tracks like “Colors” featuring El Jefe, “Get ‘Em,” “Chinchilla,” and “Boss’s Chair” featuring Bruiz maintain the mixtape’s energy and intensity. With further collaborations from El Jefe on “Hold It Down” and “Geeked Up,” and Bruiz on “Better Than,” the mixtape maintains a consistent vibe and demonstrates Go Getta Da PaperBoi’s ability to collaborate with diverse artists.

The mixtape concludes with “Spit Slang” featuring Ill-Iteracy, showcasing Go Getta Da PaperBoi’s lyrical prowess and solidifying “Money Drugs Power” as an engaging and captivating project that highlights his growth as an artist.



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