Geetas – Paroled


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1 See Ya Later Bye 03:14
2 101 01:21
3 Gang Related 03:21
4 I Can Fuck Ya Baby 01:40
5 Gang Related 03:25
6 Kytes 02:27


“Paroled” is the debut studio release by Los Angeles-based rap group Geetas. This mini-album, released on August 11, 1993, by U Records, features six tracks that combine Thug Rap and Gangsta styles. The raw and gritty sound of the album is reflective of the early 90s hip-hop scene.

The EP consists of two sides, B and G, with three tracks on each side. The tracklist includes “See Ya Later Bye,” “101,” “Gang Related,” “I Can Fuck Ya Baby,” another version of “Gang Related,” and “Kytes.” The production and arrangement were handled by Torcha Chamba, while Ralph “P-Funk” Sutton took care of recording and mixing.

“Paroled” was recorded at M’Bila Studios and Cherokee Studios, and mixed at Soundcastle. The EP was published by One In The Chamba Music and Greo Publishing, and distributed by U Records. The executive producer for the project was Quintin Stephen, and the album featured contributions from various musicians and technicians, such as bassist Anthony Holmes, guitarist Stanley A. Jones, and scratches by Brian G.

The album’s artwork and layout were created by Terral Shelby, while photography was handled by Quintin and Ralph. “Paroled” showcases the talents of Geetas as they make their mark on the hip-hop scene with their unique style and unapologetic lyrics.



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