EA-Ski – 1 Step Ahead Of Yall


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1 Intro 00:57
2 Inch Mile 03:48
3 1 Step Ahead Of Yall 03:24
4 Mama Use To Say 04:12
5 Listen To The Hit 05:05
6 Up In The Guts 03:46
7 Straight Business 05:10
8 The Same 04:06
9 Just For The Radio 04:14


“1 Step Ahead of Yall” is the highly-regarded debut album by rapper and producer EA-Ski, originally released in 1992 under In a Minute Records. The album was later re-released on February 16, 1999, through No Limit Records, with the labels No Limit Records (NLR1008) and In-A-Minute Records (NLR1008) representing its dual-release history. This CD EP showcases EA-Ski’s distinctive blend of hip-hop and gangsta rap, positioning him as a pivotal figure in the early ’90s West Coast rap scene.

The album features nine tracks, each providing a glimpse into EA-Ski’s dynamic style and lyrical prowess. The opening track, “Intro,” sets the stage for the powerful music to follow. “Inch Mile” and the title track, “1 Step Ahead of Yall,” serve as powerful anthems, showcasing EA-Ski’s unique flow and ability to captivate listeners. “Mama Used to Say” incorporates a more personal and introspective tone, while “Listen to the Hit” and “Up in the Guts” demonstrate EA-Ski’s storytelling skills.

“Straight Business” and “The Same” delve into the challenges and realities of life in the streets, presenting raw and authentic narratives. The final track, “Just for the Radio,” is a bonus track that exhibits EA-Ski’s versatility, offering a more laid-back and radio-friendly vibe without sacrificing his street credibility.

The album was recorded at E & C Production Studio, produced by EA-Ski and CMT for E & C Productions, and published under Ski and CMT Music. The artwork and design were created by Underwood Works, with Fredrick Barconey providing the photography. Master P served as the executive producer, further cementing the project’s connection to No Limit Records.

“1 Step Ahead of Yall” remains a pivotal release in EA-Ski’s career, establishing his presence in the hip-hop world and paving the way for future successes.



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