E-A-Ski – SKI $ CMT – Breaking Them Off Something


Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.



1 Ski & CMT 03:58
2 The Mirror 04:13
Featuring – Rally Ral
3 Just For The Radio 04:06
4 Don’t Fuck With Me (Part 2) 01:59


“Breaking Them Off Something” is a groundbreaking maxi-single released in 1993 by Oakland, California-based rapper and producer E-A-Ski. Released under In-A-Minute Records and No Limit Records, this project showcases E-A-Ski’s unique blend of hip-hop and gangsta rap styles that would define his career. The maxi-single consists of four tracks that perfectly capture the essence of the early ’90s West Coast hip-hop scene.

The first track, “Ski & CMT,” features E-A-Ski showcasing his lyrical prowess and rapid-fire delivery, setting the tone for the rest of the project. The second track, “The Mirror,” features a guest appearance from rapper Rally Ral, who complements E-A-Ski’s verses with his own aggressive style. This song is a perfect example of E-A-Ski’s ability to collaborate with other artists and create a cohesive sound.

The third track, “Just For The Radio,” is a catchy tune with a more laid-back vibe, demonstrating E-A-Ski’s versatility as an artist. It showcases his ability to create radio-friendly tracks while still maintaining his street credibility. The final track, “Don’t Fuck With Me (Part 2),” serves as a powerful closer for the maxi-single, with E-A-Ski delivering a strong message of resilience and determination.

The production on “Breaking Them Off Something” is handled by E-A-Ski and CMT, who together form E & C Productions. The project was recorded at E & C Production Studio, which was overseen by The E & C Family. This close-knit team was responsible for creating the project’s authentic and raw sound, which resonated with fans of West Coast hip-hop.

The maxi-single’s cover art features photography by Frederick Barconey, capturing the essence of E-A-Ski’s gritty and raw style. The cassette format features dubbed sides, with one side labeled “SKI – Side” and the other “CMT – Side,” emphasizing the collaborative nature of the project.

“Breaking Them Off Something” served as a stepping stone for E-A-Ski’s career, as he would go on to work with No Limit Records and eventually release his own material. This project remains a testament to E-A-Ski’s talent and influence in the early ’90s hip-hop scene.


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