Duce Duce – A Sip Of The Duce


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1 Intro 00:32
2 I’m That Nigga 03:52
3 Street Wayz 03:30
4 House Of Love 04:21
5 Divide & Conquer 03:16
6 Sip Of The Duce 03:33
7 Funk Brigade 04:45
8 Prelude 00:37
9 Twisting Dank 04:07
10 Prelude 00:54
11 Prodigy Of A Nigga 03:24
Featuring – C.P.O.
12 Prelude 00:51
13 I Am What I Am 04:08
14 Lonely Qwest 04:31
15 It’s Only Right 03:25
16 P Funk Pie 04:14
17 Mind Creeping 04:03


“A Sip Of The Duce” is the one and only studio album by the rap group Duce Duce, comprised of Papa Duke from Long Beach and Dank “The Riddler” from Compton, California. Released on February 21, 1995, by Relativity and Delicious Vinyl, this album represents the duo’s unique blend of gangsta rap and hip-hop styles, reflecting the music scene of Long Beach and Compton in the mid-90s.

The album kicks off with an “Intro” produced with additional input from St. Ides, setting the tone for the rest of the project. Songs like “I’m That Nigga” and “Street Wayz” showcase the group’s raw talent, with powerful production by Eddie “Coze Tha Grinch” Goodman and Anthony “Soup” Holmes.

The album features a guest appearance by C.P.O. on the track “Prodigy Of A Nigga,” further enhancing the project’s authenticity and credibility within the hip-hop community. With a range of diverse tracks, such as “House Of Love,” “Divide & Conquer,” and “Sip Of The Duce,” Duce Duce’s distinctive sound is on full display.

“A Sip Of The Duce” was recorded and mixed at Pacific Coast Recording in Long Beach, CA, and mastered by Brian “Big Bass” Gardner at Bernie Grundman’s. The album’s cover design was created by Studio See, with photography and illustration by Salomon Emquies.

Although this was the only studio album released by Duce Duce, “A Sip Of The Duce” remains a noteworthy contribution to the West Coast rap scene of the ’90s, showcasing the undeniable talent and passion of Papa Duke and Dank “The Riddler.”



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