Defari – Focused Daily


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1 Intro 00:47
2 Focused Daily 04:31
Featuring – Evidence
3 Never Lose Touch 04:25
4 Keep It On The Rise 04:13
5 Lowlands Anthem, Pt. 1 03:47
6 Bionic 04:57
7 Likwit Connection 04:43
Featuring – Phil Tha Agony, Tha Alkaholiks
8 Yes Indeed 05:31
9 Killing Spree 04:17
10 These Dreams 05:23
11 Juggle Me (For The DJ’s) 04:16
12 Thunder & Lightning 03:41
Featuring – Tash, Xzibit
13 405 Friday’s 03:20
14 Checkstand 3 02:34
15 No Clue 04:33
Featuring – Barbershop Chocolate Tye
16 Gems 04:22
17 People’s Choice 03:29


“Focused Daily” marks the debut studio album by Los Angeles-based rapper Defari. Released on February 9, 1999, by Tommy Boy, the album features a star-studded lineup, including Evidence, Phil Tha Agony, Tha Alkaholiks, Tash, Xzibit, and Barbershop Chocolate Tye. Defari, a member of The Likwit Crew and one-half of The Likwit Junkies duo with DJ Babu, delivers an impressive first effort that showcases his lyrical prowess and exceptional production skills.

The album begins with the “Intro” track, setting the stage for the standout song “Focused Daily” featuring Evidence. Other notable tracks include “Never Lose Touch,” “Keep It On The Rise,” “Lowlands Anthem, Pt. 1,” and “Bionic.” “Likwit Connection” features Phil Tha Agony and Tha Alkaholiks, while “Yes Indeed,” “Killing Spree,” “These Dreams,” and “Juggle Me (For the DJ’s)” keep the momentum going. The album continues with “Thunder & Lightning,” featuring Tash and Xzibit, “405 Friday’s,” “Checkstand 3,” and “No Clue” featuring Barbershop Chocolate Tye. The album concludes with the tracks “Gems” and “People’s Choice.”

“Focused Daily” highlights Defari’s unique talents as both a rapper and producer, born Duane A. Johnson Jr. on January 24, 1971, in Santa Monica, California. The album’s art direction and design are credited to Darlene Y. Cordero, with photography by Mike Miller and sleeve notes by Defari himself. With its diverse range of tracks, “Focused Daily” is a must-listen for hip-hop enthusiasts seeking an introduction to Defari’s talents.



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