Da Nayborhoodz – How We Do It / Nayborhood Man


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1 How We Do It (LP Version) 04:06
2 How We Do It (Instrumental) 04:06
3 How We Do It (Radio Version) 04:05
4 Nayborhood Man (LP Version) 04:52
5 Nayborhood Man (Instrumental) 04:51
6 Nayborhood Man (Radio Version) 04:51


“Da Nayborhoodz” is a West Coast hip-hop group hailing from Los Angeles, California, consisting of MC/producer MinusOne, DJ/producer Bobby B, Pro-Jay, and Culture. The group released their maxi-single “How We Do It / Nayborhood Man” in 1995 under React Recordings. This release showcases their raw talent and the distinct West Coast hip-hop flavor that was prevalent during the mid-90s.

The maxi-single features three different versions of each song: LP, instrumental, and radio versions. “How We Do It” is a track that captures the essence of the group’s style, blending smooth beats with catchy hooks and clever wordplay. The instrumental and radio versions provide alternate takes on the track, allowing listeners to appreciate the production and lyricism from different angles.

“Nayborhood Man” is another standout track that delves into the group’s experiences and perspectives growing up in their neighborhood. The song paints a vivid picture of life in Los Angeles during that era, while the instrumental and radio versions offer fresh interpretations of the original composition.

The executive producer of the maxi-single is Michael Mavrolas, and it was mastered by the renowned Bernie Grundman. The tracks were produced by Pro-Jay, showcasing his skillful production that perfectly complements the group’s dynamic lyricism.

Later on, MinusOne and Bobby B formed the hip-hop group One Session, along with fellow MCs TriState and Cringe, and signed with Suburban Noize Records. Their debut album “Afta Dark… Illa Than Expected” released in 1995, leaving a lasting impression on the West Coast hip-hop scene.



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